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Minimalism Is In. Here’s How To Declutter Your Farmhouse.

Minimalism isn’t often synonymous with modern farmhouse design. Rather, it has had quite a reputation for, how shall we say, a more eclectic look. Farmhouse decorations often feel a bit overwhelming with collage walls galore, word signs everywhere, and a lot of small knick-knacks.

Now, that may not be the truth for all modern farmhouse homes, but it’s certainly what has become known in mainstream media as modern farmhouse design. Does this sound familiar?


Pros To Minimalism

Perhaps you may feel as if your home is feeling a bit cluttered or overwhelming. If that sounds like you, I have great news for you! Minimalism is in and it’s easy to translate into your farmhouse. Not convinced?

Here are a few benefits of incorporating minimalism into your farmhouse:

  • Less to clean & less to clean around
  • Save money on decorative objects and trinkets
  • Make money selling old furniture or decor
  • Buy less, but find better quality
  • Curate a more elevated look

If this sounds like a dream, keep reading to help make it a reality for you!

Time To Start Eliminating

Small knick-knacks on built in desk and bench

When we’re talking about minimal interiors, we need to talk about everything in the house. Break your house down into manageable rooms. Perhaps you start with a closet or bathroom. Go piece by piece and start getting rid of the things you don’t need.

That one sweater you haven’t worn in years or the massager you got for Christmas but never used, they need to go. Get rid of any decoration, article of clothing, serving dish, or any household item that no longer serves you. The truth of the matter is we hold onto a lot of things we don’t need and then we have to buy additional furniture or storage options to accommodate those things.

Now That Your Stuff Is Gone…

bedroom dresser and accent chair in a minimalism bedroom design

Once you’ve eliminated the clutter in your life you will also be able to eliminate some unnecessary furniture in your home. This one will be hard because let’s be honest, a lot of times furniture holds sentimental value and can be difficult to part with. However, oftentimes holding onto a piece clutters your footprint and really takes away from the overall design.

It may be hard to hear, but not every kitchen needs a hutch, not every dining room needs a china cabinet, and not every bedroom needs a large dresser. Think about the rooms in your home and decide which ones feel challenging to walk through and which ones feel open and free. Do your best to eliminate the furniture that feels bulky and I guarantee you that your space will begin to feel far more elevated.

Less Furniture, Fewer Decorations

cluttered decorations on farmhouse sideboard

Now that we’ve talked about the furniture and what goes in it, let’s talk about minimizing what goes on top of it. Modern farmhouse decor has some of the most adorable decorative knick-knacks and it is all a part of what makes farmhouse decor so charming, popular, and affordable. Unfortunately, it’s also a part of what often makes farmhouse decor feel gimmicky and cluttered.

Every corner of your home doesn’t need a sign or a cute formation of decorative objects. Instead, try to eliminate those smaller knick-knacks and opt for larger or more impactful pieces. For instance, instead of a tray filled with a handful of smaller objects, opt for a larger vase with a beautiful floral or greenery arrangement.

It’s okay to have a few objects styled together, but it’s also okay to not have every single surface covered. The best part is the more you get rid of, the easier it will be for you to clean those hard surfaces.

Look At Your Wall Decor

minimalism in an entryway with a round mirror above a bench

Wall decorations have also long been known for being a bit more eclectic in modern farmhouse design. The infamous wall collage became practically synonymous with farmhouse design and almost everyone had one in their home. In fact, I actually still have one in mine (I haven’t gotten around to redecorating that part yet) and it’s absolutely time for it to change.

Instead of a thoughtful combination of wall signs and other wall decorations, take a second to decide if your wall really needs anything on it. A lot of times, we mistakenly feel as if we need to decorate most if not every wall in our home. It’s almost as if we try to fill the space with decorations to enhance its beauty instead of letting the architecture of the home speak for itself.

The beauty of minimalism is that not every wall needs some kind of decoration. If you decide that your wall does indeed need something, try a large singular object instead. This will make the space feel more luxurious and there are plenty of options to still give you that beautiful farmhouse look.

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