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How To Blend Farmhouse And Mid-Century Modern Design

Think there is nothing similar between farmhouse and mid-century modern design? Well, think again, my friends. Mid-century modern and farmhouse styles may seem very contrasting, but I’ve seen them co-exist in many living spaces. When artfully and thoughtfully crafted, the look is unique and lovely!

What do you do when you love both styles and cannot choose between them for your home décor? You do them both! Surprisingly, you can easily integrate both of these two looks if you choose the right pieces and plan your interior ahead of time.

It works beautifully because both styles, in my opinion, focus on quality craftsmanship. A gorgeous harvest table can mix with mid-century modern-style drapes. And thick pin-striped throw pillows and a sheepskin draped over a sleek mid-century leather couch is an aesthetic pleasure to behold!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you’ve landed at the right spot. Today, I’m sharing a few tips for blending these two seemingly disparate styles!



linen sofa with fur blankets and pillows and colorful quilt

At least one thing unites these two styles: minimalism. You don’t often see a fashionable mid-century couch draped with multiple puffy throw pillows. You probably won’t find a modern farmhouse table adorned with anything more than a pot of flowers. A few accent pieces will help you combine both styles.

Whatever you choose to emphasize, resisting the urge to overdecorate can be crucial to pulling off the mid-century farmhouse style. Oftentimes, farmhouse decor can be referred to as cluttered or full. This can often become a bit overwhelming or distracting. When combining farmhouse with mid-century modern, you really get to eliminate the clutter and choose select, powerful decorative accents for your space.


geometric patterned grey, white, and black pillows on grey linen couch

A characteristic of mid-century modern style is the use of repetitive geometric patterns. Typically, the farmhouse style uses neutrals, plaids, and lace materials; however, this doesn’t mean the two can’t be combined! If you want to keep the farmhouse look with a few mid-century accents, use geometric patterns on pillows, mirrors, and curtains. They can be subtle or bold. Alternatively, you can incorporate farmhouse-inspired pieces into your mid-century look by mixing lace curtains, rustic mirror frames, or wood-inspired accent art.


mid-century modern living room with leather sofa and tree stump coffee table

Farmhouse style is generally known for its use of wood in every room, and for a good reason: If you were a traditional farmer, what materials would you use to make your house? Wood, stone, and other natural materials were readily available in the country. You can achieve this look by using wood on your floors, creating natural-looking bookcases, and having wooden chairs at your kitchen table. A mid-century style coffee table that is sleek and not too intricate or modern picture frames against a white wall can add a pop of contrast without confusing the eye.


It can be challenging to figure out exactly how much of a “natural” or nature-inspired look to use when trying to seamlessly integrate a farmhouse aesthetic with mid-century style. Too many florals and lace can make your house seem like grandma’s house (which can be lovely…for grandma). But if your home is heavy on the mid-century and you’re trying to add a little farmhouse flourish, consider adding colorful floral throw pillows, wallpaper, or drapes for a touch of country.


Wood materials, white and cream furniture with gray, tan, and off-white walls are excellent for those who love the farmhouse look. Often, mid-century modern styles emphasize color contrast and saturation (dark browns, oranges, greens, and sometimes even black.) Generally, these are opposite concepts, but they don’t have to be. Consider combining farmhouse style with mid-century furniture using neutral colors such as charcoal and white, wood accents, and a rectangular-shaped couch with sleek lines for a calm, desaturated look.

Avoid pieces that take up a lot of space. For example, that lime green couch you love may completely ruin the combination of farmhouse and mid-century modern styles! Cream-colored curtains with a small pink geometric pattern is a way of incorporating both styles without looking odd. Use bold colors sparingly so as not to overwhelm a space.

couch and tv in living room

You should now have a mental list of ideas and renewed enthusiasm for perfecting the interior of your home. There is no one right way to combine these two or any two styles for that matter. Use these suggestions as a jumping-off point, and let your imagination soar! 

Please share your tips and ideas for blending mid-century modern and farmhouse or any other styles together in our comments section below!

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