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5 Things You Need For A Luxury Shower

What do you need for a luxury shower? Or more importantly, why do you need a luxurious shower? Well, you don’t absolutely need a luxury shower, but I find elevating your everyday activities an important factor in your overall happiness. Creating a relaxing oasis to shower and unwind in after a long day of work sounds a lot better than rushing through a daily shower in a cramped, dingy bath, doesn’t it?

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Luxury Shower Needs

If improving your everyday shower routine sounds like a brilliant idea to you, there are a few things to include in your shower. These additions will focus on both function and design. The combination of these two variables creates the most luxurious modern farmhouse retreat. Stay tuned below for the 5 things you need for a luxurious shower.

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Luxury Shower Item #1: Extra Space

A tiny shower can leave you feeling cramped and, well, underwhelmed. If you can find a shower with a large blueprint, that will go a long way toward creating an elevated shower. However, I also understand not everyone will have that luxury. If you are one of the few with a smaller shower, specifically with a shower bath, I’ve got a tip to steal you a few more inches.

Swap out your straight shower rod for one with a little extra curvature. Although the update may only look to add a little more space, that extra elbow room makes a world of difference. I guarantee this budget-friendly addition is worth every cent. Plus, you can find these at almost any big box retail store.

Grey, tile bench at the back of the shower

Luxury Shower Item #2: Add A Shower Bench

Although my bench is currently becoming a home for cleaning supplies, this feature is currently one of my absolute favorites and will soon get a little more decorative love. Regardless, what sounds better than sitting down to take in the steamy warmth of your shower? Or perhaps even finally resting your leg somewhere as you exfoliate and shave.

I found a million uses for this niche and I honestly don’t know how I ever survived without one. If you don’t have one built into your shower, there is always the option to purchase a free-standing shower bench. These are becoming more and more common and therefore you will have a plethora of options to choose from.

Shower niche with small grey tiles

Luxury Shower Item #3: Shower Niche

Nothing says luxury quite like built-in storage. Adding in a cut-out to store your soaps serves not only a practical function, but the stylish addition also adds an intriguing design element to the space. Stick to the same tile for a more subtle look, or choose a fun tile backsplash for something more playful.

As this is a feature for your shower, spice things up by swapping your shampoo and soaps out of their original packaging into farmhouse style dispensers. We have yet to accomplish this in our home, but as I often say, Rome was not built in a day. Either way, I highly recommend adding these for an elevated look in your bathroom.

Hidden shower niche with bathroom necessities

Luxury Shower Item #4: Hidden Storage

A stunning shower can steal your attention when you first walk into a bathroom. Cleaning supply clutter, and other bathroom necessities can often detract from that breathtaking beauty. To resolve this, make sure you include a hidden storage nook in your shower. This will help hide those unsightly items from view while keeping them close.

I use daily shower cleaner and a squeegee to keep the shower glass clear and shiny in between cleans. However, I don’t love seeing those things when I look in my shower. Fortunately, this hidden niche allows me to keep them within reach while still out of sight. If you don’t have a built-in niche use any kind of shelving in a hidden corner for additional storage.

Grey tile, with grey hued penny tile cutout and chrome shower fixtures

Luxury Shower Item #5: Updated Shower Fixtures

Let’s face the facts, builder-grade shower fixtures leave you with much to be desired. Upgrading your shower head or faucet to a higher grade finish will not only prove to be aesthetically pleasing, but it will make a world of difference in your actual shower experience. Currently, gold is very on-trend, but brushed nickel or black will always be another classical option.

There are a wide variety of shower fixtures to choose from. If you want to go big, opt for a rain or sidewall shower head for a spa-like design and feel. I recommend the detachable one. Whether you need to bathe your kids, dog, or reach those hard-to-get places, this showerhead is the perfect solution.

Now that you’ve got new inspiration for upgrading your shower, check out 10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom to finish elevating the rest of the space! Do you have any other shower upgrade tips or tricks you love? Let me know about those and any other questions you have about luxury shower needs in the comments below.

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