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10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

When decorating or renovating a home, the primary focus tends to direct towards the larger communal areas such as the living room or kitchen. Sometimes you get a little extra energy to refresh your relaxation station in the bedroom. Unfortunately, the forgotten bathroom can either be quite costly to renovate or fall low on the upgrade priority list. I often find myself uninspired or bored in many bathrooms which often lack the same finishing touches as the rest of the home.

Good news – there are a variety of ways to elevate up your space that don’t take a lot of extra cash and I’m going to share them here with you. From decorative towels to bold tile floors, here are 10 ways to spruce up your private bathroom sanctuary.

farmhouse half bath with greenery

1 – Add Greenery to your space!

The first and easiest way to breathe life into your space is to include touches of floral or greenery. A popular trend right now consists of hanging eucalyptus leaves from a showerhead. Not only does this provide a spa-like feel, but studies show it also reduces stress and congestion.

Additionally, small potted plants placed on counters, on or above toilet backs, or on top of bathtubs bestow a fresh and earthly feel to the space. If you’re interested in furnishing your windowless half bath with real plants I recommend steering toward succulents. These adorable little guys don’t require too much maintenance and need only a little light and water to thrive. Personally, love the look of faux flowers and greenery in a restroom. Plus, fake means zero maintenance or upkeep!

Pink accent towels and clear containers for makeup sponges and cotton pads.

2 – Upgrade visible containers in your space.

The quickest way to freshen up a bathroom is to upgrade your countertop containers. Don’t leave your hand soap or bath salts in their generic packaging. Instead, find luxurious canisters, jars, or soap dispensers to display there instead. These custom pieces will instantly take your bathroom from basic to luxurious without causing much damage to your wallet.

If you select transparent jars, try finding neutral items or ones that align with your color scheme to keep the coordination. Color coordination should not disregard function, as you want to store items on your counter that provide you with easy access to everyday necessities. For instance, cotton pads or reusable makeup sponges fit perfectly into clear storage containers without detracting from the clean beauty of the glass and are easy to grab for everyday use.

White ruffled shower curtain in all white bathroom with black tile

3 – Elevate the room with luxurious linens.

Decorative towels and shower curtains go a long way in revitalizing any bathroom. Mismatched towels strewn over random hangers provide an element of chaos in a space that should (softly) scream relaxation. Upgrade your linens to match and drape them neatly on specific rods or hangers to fill empty spaces on the wall. Try adding a fun element such as a tie or fashioning an artfully crafted knot for an elevated feel.

When it comes to shower curtains I truly believe less is more. Bathroom tile tends to have bold patterns or grains which can clash with bold shower curtains. Instead, opt for a neutral-colored curtain with different textures for an extra pop. Don’t disregard the shower curtain rod or hooks either. Matching the shower curtain rod material to your cabinetry hardware can create more symmetry cultivating a more put-together look.

bathroom counter with candle and guest basket

4. Add a goodie box for your guests!

This tip is more for your guests, but I promise if you do this no one will ever want to leave your house! This may both delight and terrify you so proceed with caution here! One trend I’ve seen more and more includes adding a basket, tray, or box of toiletries in your guest bathroom. Including the basics such as a face towel, bar of soap, or toothbrush can make a lasting impression on your guests.

Not only does it serve a pragmatic function, but it also can add a visually appealing touch to your countertop space. The decorative and practical use makes this tip a knockout option. Once again, this is budget friendly and versatile making it the perfect addition for your guest bathroom.

Framed mirror above bathroom vanity,

5 – Opt for a framed mirror instead of the builder grade instead of the builder grade one

Framed mirrors can take a space from basic to lavish in no time at all. For an extra sprinkle of elegance, try an abstract-shaped mirror that strays from the classic rectangle. If shopping for an expensive mirror doesn’t fit your budget, try thrifting one! If you hate to waste the giant frameless mirror that builders often use in the space, grab some molding/framing from your local home improvement store and fashion a frame from that.

6 – Add an accent wall!

An easy way to spice up your space is to add an element of intrigue to your vanity wall. A bold wallpaper remains very on-trend going into 2022, but you could also opt for shiplap or some form of board and batten to add intrigue to the space. Either direction you chose, make sure it’s durable. Satin or semi-gloss finishing for paint is optimal and all wallpaper should be applied with a mold-proof paste and finished with an acrylic varnish.

master bathroom with antique wall sconce lighting

7 – Upgrade your lighting

Lighting is an important element in any space but it can make or break a bathroom. If your bathroom still houses the basic 3 prong vanity light, it could most certainly use an upgrade. Find lighting that helps define the space. If your bathroom features sleek modern counters and mirrors, opt for a more industrial, rustic, or antique light fixture. These are meant to make a statement and are central to the space so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra here.

subway tile shower with waterfall showerhead

8 – Give your shower head a refresh

Similar to light fixtures, this one can be a bit pricey but it can also make a major impact on the space. Most showers come with standard fixtures in mostly a nickel finish, especially in builder-grade homes. The water often lacks pressure and sometimes leaves you aimlessly shifting around to get more of you under the warm water flow. This leaves your bathroom falling short of your private oasis dreams.

Instead, select upgraded finishes like brass or oil-rubbed bronze to elevate your shower. Test out a larger showerhead, or perhaps choose to add multiple shower heads in matching finishes to create a luxurious escape (even if it’s only for 20 minutes). Believe me, when I say, elevating your daily shower routine with a new shower head will make a world of difference!

patterned tile in modern farmhouse half bath

9 – Transition your tile to something bold!

Let me start by saying this isn’t for everyone. Bold patterns may scare you away and the time, effort, and financial burden may not make sense for your home. If you do choose to move in this direction, a beautifully patterned tile can take your bathroom from bland to BAM! When used in moderation, like in a half bath or a shower wall accent, the bold pattern can create an alluring pop of color or intrigue. I often find that something so bold is best used with a very neutral palette so it doesn’t come off too busy.

Grey shower with recessed shower niche

10 – Create a niche in your shower for your soaps

Shampoo bottles scattered throughout your shower or thrown into caddies that are destined to varnish and rust can take away from the space. Instead, I recommend adding a recessed shower niche! Really, just do it. I promise it will be the best decision you make. Move your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body soap into elevated dispensers and watch your space elevate into the lavish retreat you’ve always dreamed of.

From budget-friendly to fairly pricy, these 10 tips will help you elevate any bathroom in your home. Pick and choose which options work for your budget and transform your builder-grade bathroom into the oasis you deserve. Let me know in the comments below if you want more tips on how to transform your space.

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