white farmhouse kitchen with herringbone backsplash

5 Trending Ways To Update Your Kitchen Backsplash

When you think of modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash, what do you envision? Did you say white subway tile? I was definitely thinking the same thing! Certain leaders in farmhouse decor have made the classic tile a staple in most modern farmhouses.

Subway tiles are cheap, easy to clean, classic, and timeless. It’s easy to see why they’ve become such a beloved tile selection for not only kitchen backsplashes but bathrooms as well. With all that being said, I think there’s more to farmhouse design than subway tiles. They’ve had their time in the spotlight, but it’s time to switch things up!


Upgrading Your Kitchen Backsplash

So what tile should you use for your backsplash if it’s not subway tile? Well, there are many options, but I’ve curated a list of five timeless backsplash tiles you can upgrade to. I tried to provide some variety, so there is something for everyone and every style.

Although these backsplashes are beautiful and elegant, that doesn’t mean that you have to leave your beloved subway tile behind. These new options are just for those who are looking for a little something other than the infamous 3×6 white subway tile. All of these options I consider trendy, yet timeless so I can see them being in style for years to come!

Elongated Hexagon or Picket Tile

Cream elongated hexagon tile with a a black pot filler

The elongated hexagon tile is quickly stealing my heart! The unique shape adds a fun, beautiful element that really elevates the space. There are also a variety of options within this style, truly allowing for very unique looks with the same style. One suggestion, these look best when laid vertically in the space, but I’m sure they could still be used horizontally if you’d prefer.

To keep the fun shape from being too overwhelming, I prefer a more muted color. These tend to look best in white or off-white, helping to create a more open and spacious-looking kitchen.

Subway Tile 2.0

Cream, crinkled rectangular backsplash

Feeling like you just can’t give up the subway tile backsplash? It’s an absolute classic. I get it, but I’ve got an even better solution for you! Instead of the plain, white subway tile, give this polished or glossy ceramic tile a try.

The added texture brings an eye-catching shimmer to the space immediately drawing you in. The lighter, neutral colors tend to keep the look a bit more simple and clean which I love. The even more elongated look can add a more luxurious feel and there are plenty of other sizes and shapes to choose from.

Small Format Herringbone

glossy, white porcelain herringbone tile

Instead of just structuring a 3×6 white tile into a herringbone shape, shrink the tile. It’s super popular and chic right now to have a smaller tile placed into a herringbone pattern. The delicate tile creates a very alluring look and makes the kitchen look a bit more quaint and dainty.

To keep the smaller tiles and unique pattern from being too busy, just keep the tile coloring basic. Whether it’s a flat black or a glossy white, as long as the color is simple and the texture is sleek it will be fine. If you’re into a little busier look, go crazy here and add some texture. However, it’s best to keep the tile simple if you want something more timeless.

Go Black!

Black abstract kitchen backsplash against white counter top

Go bold, go black! The most trending tile choice for 2022 is black tile. I am absolutely in love with it. Whether it’s in the bathroom or kitchen, black tile provides such an elegant and bold look.

Similar to that little black dress that’s in your closet and works for every occasion, a black backsplash is also the perfect addition to any kitchen. It adds the perfect hint of modernity while making a statement that’s still very classic. The neutral palette can blend with any color cabinets and remain timeless no matter what when trends change in a couple of years.

Make A Statement With A Print

Black, blue and white abstract pattern with square tiles on the kitchen backsplash

Bold prints and patterns are definitely in this year! I love the idea of bringing color and fun back into farmhouse design. For a while, farmhouse kitchens became basic grey and white or white on white spaces with very little character. It’s so nice to see some character coming back into the heart of our homes.

Now, I call patterned tile timeless with one caveat. Pick a pattern that you love and will love for a while. If it’s a print or pattern you absolutely adore, you will love it for years to come. I do recommend keeping your counters and cabinets fairly simple if you elect to use a patterned kitchen backsplash. Distressed cabinets or a busy counter will create a look that clashes and feels a bit overwhelming in the space.

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