Tray filled with Christmas Greenery and reindeer on coffee table

6 Simple Ways To Give Your Home Christmas Cheer With Greenery

Greenery is likely one of the easiest ways to decorate your modern farmhouse for Christmas. Space feels empty? Add a garland or greenery plugs. Not feeling the Christmas spirit, throw in some seasonal greens.

The best part is that for the most part, you can find holiday greens at a very affordable price. Even if you pay a little more, holiday greens tend to greatly impact your home decor. Plus, they are extremely versatile, so no matter your Christmas decor preference, they tend to fit your style. This is especially great since we live in a time with ever-evolving trends.


Table Greenery

I’ve said it once and I will say it again: how you decorate your table during the holidays is so important! You spend countless hours around your table making many memories, so make sure you give it the love it deserves when you are decorating for the holidays. Looking for a simple solution? Try adding a nice garland to your table setting display.

Simply find a holiday runner you love and then place a nice holiday garland on top. You can then layer in other pieces you love for some additional height. In need of some inspiration? Here are some of my favorite decorative pieces to layer into your centerpiece:

  • candlesticks & taper candles
  • churches or houses
  • glass and ceramic trees
  • deer sculptures

Dress Your Lanterns With Greens

Christmas greenery draped over white lantern and adorned with red beads

I think lanterns are one of the most underrated home decor pieces in modern farmhouse design. They are classic, timeless, and also one of the most versatile decor pieces. Whether used inside or outside, lanterns have the potential to elevate your space. I highly recommend investing in one or more quality lanterns if you don’t have one or more already.

For all the aforementioned reasons, lanterns also make for the perfect decoration to dress up with holiday greens. You can add in a small wreath or greenery picks around candles in the bottom or drape a beautiful garland over the top. Of course, there are many more options, but these are two of my absolute favorites. However, you choose to style your greens, be sure to add some additional holiday accents such as berries, bows, ornaments, or pinecones!

Hang A Few Wreaths

Faux fireplace mantle decorated with Christmas greenery and white and black holiday accents

Don’t forget to show your walls and doors some love during the holiday season. Christmas wreaths are the perfect way to draw the eye up and spread Christmas cheer throughout the entire home. You can also get more creative than just hanging them on your door. Try on of these spots instead:

  • vent hood in the kitchen
  • backs of bar stools
  • wood and/or metal wall decor
  • above the fireplace mantel
  • backs of chairs

Your wreaths don’t even have to be holiday specific. In fact, they could just be comprised of some sort of winter greens and perhaps a small bow or bells to add a touch of Christmas spirit.

Garlands For Flat Surfaces

Christmas garland utilized at red and green Christmas table setting

Chistmas garlands are one of my most essential holiday decor pieces. They are the perfect filler for your larger flat surfaces and help to make decorating for the merriest time of year a lot easier. I like to use them on my fireplace mantel just like everyone else, but I also find that they work great on practically any flat surface.

For instance, do you have a sofa table that needs a little sprucing up? Add in a garland and accessorize it with a few other holiday decorations. In search of something to fill that awkward space between your cabinets and the ceiling? Throw up a garland and add in a few light up houses and glass or ceramic trees.

Fill Your Buckets, Boxes, And Bowls

old basket on bottom of side table filled with a few Christmas greens behind a Noel sign

Boxes, buckets, and bowls are all staple decor pieces. I keep them on hand and will purchase them any time because not only are they functional, but they are beautiful and versatile. I also love utilizing them during the holidays because they are extremely easy to fill with Christmas greens to create a stunning holiday arrangement.

Keep A Few Picks On Hand

small greenery pick next to snowman in Christmas arrangement

Lastly, you will always want to keep a few greenery picks handy. Sometimes when you decorate, decorations don’t fill up the space how you envision and other times they have an ugly base or something else you would like to disguise. Does this sound familiar? I know it happens all the time in my home.

When it does happen, though, I often find that adding in a touch of greenery here and there can fix practically 90% of my problems. Whenever I’m unsure what to do with a Christmas arrangement, I often reach for my greenery picks and accents, and voila, problem solved.

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