Grey wicker trey with modern farmhouse decorative accents on coffee table

8 Showstopping Ways To Style Your Coffee Table

Your coffee table is quite literally at the center of your living space. I don’t know about you, but my family spends 80% of our time together in the living room. We all sit down on the comfy couches and chairs and open Christmas gifts, sip our morning coffee, or watch American Idol with that coffee table right in the middle. This also means that we spend a lot of time looking at our coffee table.

Naturally, sofas and fireplaces get all the attention in a living room, but you would be surprised at what a well-decorated coffee table can do for a space! If you’re looking for an affordable and high-impact refresh, try changing your coffee table decorations and watch how quickly the room transforms.

Before you get too deep into decorating your coffee table, check out my old blog to decide if a coffee table is right for your space. Sometimes an ottoman may be a better choice.


Coffee Table Inspo

Large coffee table in moody living room with a few books and other decorative accents

Although there are a ton of ways to decorate your coffee table, I’ve nailed down 8 stunning coffee table decor options to give you all the inspiration! So have fun, make it your own, and get ready to be inspired!

The Plain Jane

Wood rounds coffee table with small plant

Sometimes as an artist (yes, interior decorators are artists), it can be challenging to not over-decorate. Sometimes simplicity is a better option and it’s better to opt for a more minimal decor option to let the canvas do the talking. I think this often happens in modern farmhouse design where we all tend to pile on the decorations. It’s cute, but it can also be a tad bit overwhelming.

If you have a stunning coffee table that’s very unique and an architectural masterpiece, let it breathe! This beautiful coffee table has beautiful grains, a unique shape, and commands your attention. Instead of piling on decorations opt for a simple plant or one singular decor piece to give it a nice accent without overpowering its beauty.

Modern & Quirky

Patterned tray and potted plant on sleek white and gold coffee table in modern living room

Need something modern with a little spunk? I’ve got you covered! This is the perfect time to mix and match some bold patterns. Find a few decorative items (it doesn’t have to be a lot, it could just be 2 or three) with fun patterns. Make sure the patterns are in different sizes so they don’t get to be too much.

Then style them asymmetrically on your coffee table. Normally, I’m all about symmetry and balance but I am absolutely loving a little bit of a more modern design. I recommend bringing a plant in here to add that earthy feel back in. Also, don’t go too crazy with colors since you’re bringing that quirkiness with your patterns. Go for something neutral like black (unless you just really want that bright color).

The Open Book

Open book positioned corner to corner with a few stacked books in bright living room

Recently I’ve become obsessed with the open book look! Whether it’s a cookbook propped on a stand in your kitchen or a decorative one plopped open on your coffee table. This trend has really taken over home decor and I’m here for it.

Obviously, you can design it however you’d like, but I like keeping the design a little cleaner as you see here. One large open book with a couple of thin ones stacked on top. This flat design keeps it extremely simple, yet impactful as it’s filled with eye-catching colors. I love the modern touch with the asymmetrical layout but I may suggest providing a little more height variation with a book stand.

Classic Candle

Basket coffee table with neutral candle decor in wooden tray

Sometimes you just can’t get any better than the classics. Neutral decor and candles will never go out of style so they are always a safe choice for your coffee table decor. Please don’t think that safe means boring though. I love a timeless design and it’s certainly something you can get with neutrals and candles.

Grab a tray and a few candles with varying heights, widths, colors, and textures. Mix in candlesticks, candles in jars, and whatever candle accessories you’d like. You can get a cute little match holder or a candle wick cutter to help accent your coffee table tray. There are so many fun ways to style this one so feel free to experiment!

Pretty & Petite

Silver tray with dainty green and blue vases on coffee table

This is for those more dainty and glam modern farmhouse living rooms. The one with thinner and more petite furniture and chic accents. Grab a few shiny items, like a tray or vase, and mix in some floral or greenery stems. Top it off with a wifi password sign and you have a fancy little coffee table decoration.

I love the idea of adding in some brighter colors with florals but keeping the items smaller. The daintiness of the accents helps curate a truly glamorous look that will go perfectly in a french country twist on a modern farmhouse.

Simply Stylish

Large wooden coffee table with stacked neutral books, rustic wooden tray, flowers and gold globe

I can’t lie, this one kind of steals my heart. It’s that truly timeless look with just the right amount of neutral accents, some glam, and a hint of rustic. I’m a sucker for a beautifully decorated natural palette and I adore how the flowers give a nice soft touch to the hard edges of the books and tray. If you love this look, grab your favorite neutral books, a wooden tray, and your favorite flower arrangement and get to styling!

Fabulous Farmhouse

Grey wicker tray in light white and blue living room with classical farmhouse decorative accents

Going for that traditional farmhouse look? This is the perfect coffee table decor for you. Nothing screams farmhouse quite like a grey wicker tray. If this is giving you major living room envy here are a couple of suggestions to help you accomplish this look.

Find the balance of rustic and classic. Grab at least one of each of the following: something rustic, something modern with sleek lines, something soft or organic (aka florals or greens), and then a wicker basket or tray of your choice. You can quite literally find any combination of these items and replicate this design with your own special touch.

Finally, Big Momma

Large coffee table with oversized decorative accents in black and red moody living room

A big living room requires a big coffee table, which means you’ve got a lot of space to work with when decorating. This can either be intimidating or empowering, but either way, it’s got the potential to be absolutely jaw-dropping. It also has the potential to look like a cluttered mess, though.

So what’s the trick? You have to match the scale. This means all of your decorative objects have to be big and thick with a few smaller accents slipped in. Grab an oversized tray or board, a few large books, a big vase, and a few other decorative objects, and start piddling with a layout.

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