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5 Christmas Decorations We Are Loving & How To Style Them

It’s that time of year and Christmas decorations are quickly disappearing in every store. If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping, you may want to jump on it quickly! In case you do need to finish up your holiday decor shopping, we have done the browsing for you already and found 5 must-have decorations.


Trending Christmas Decorations

Every year it seems Christmas decorations become more and more beautiful. The variety of options in colors and styles grows each year & provides the opportunity to really curate your own holiday style. Whether your taste is more merry & bright or pretty & white, we’ve found 5 stunning decorations that you should definitely consider incorporating into your seasonal display.

#1 – The Bucket

Red and white Christmas bucket surrounded by Christmas decorations

This year, I’m in love with the holiday bucket. Many adorable colors, patterns, and styles can blend perfectly into any decor style. Besides being aesthetically versatile, they can also be styled in many different ways. For a bit of inspiration, here are some of my favorite ways to style them:

  • Fill them with cloth napkins and a few serving necessities
  • Use them as a base for a small Christmas Tree
  • Fill them with greenery picks
  • Toss in a couple of pillows or blankets

Of course, there are a ton of other ways to decorate with these adorable buckets, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite budget-friendly designs.

#2 – Pinecones

White pinecone next to Christmas decorations on a shelf

Whether real or faux, pinecones are everywhere this season. Sometimes I feel the simplest pieces are often the most underappreciated and overlooked. For example, pinecones have been around for years and yet they aren’t one of the first decorations you think of when you hear “Christmas.”

The good news is, you can add these to your holiday decor in so many beautiful ways. Plus, they can be extremely affordable or even free! Now, here are a few of my favorite ways to use them:

  • Picks in your garland, wreath, or greenery
  • “Ornaments” or decorative picks on your Christmas tree
  • To fill a bowl or tray
  • Added to a shelf or mantle

You can layer these beautiful decorative elements into your space in many ways. The pinecones will help add a natural and more organic element to your space which can be a great grounding element to your Christmas decor.

#3 – Tree Sculptures

White tree sculpture in tray of candles and greenery

Christmas decorations practically revolve around the Christmas tree. Some of you more ambitious decorators may even have more than one tree (shout out to those of you with the energy & time to do both). Although I love a good Christmas tree, I’ve actually become quite fond of the more miniature tabletop tree sculptures.

These gorgeous pieces allow you to bring your holiday cheer into something a bit smaller scale by including them in various parts of your design. Need some inspiration? Below are my favorite ways to incorporate tree sculptures into Christmas decor:

  • Add them into your tablescape
  • Include them on your shelves
  • Place them on top of and around books on your entryway table
  • Arrange them on a tray

#4 – Cardinals

Cardinal Christmas decorations displayed in a store

This one holds a special place in my heart due to its particular symbolism. My fondest memories during the holidays involve my family. I remember skiing with my grandma & grandpa, Christmas mornings with my grandparents, and holiday karaoke with my uncle. So many of my fondest memories of the most wonderful time of year revolve around a family that is no longer with us.

This is why I love the idea of incorporating cardinals into Christmas decor. A cardinal sighting is mostly interpreted as a message from a loved one. Having a few cardinals scattered throughout your holly jolly decor helps to remember and celebrate those who are no longer with us. A few of my favorite red bird decorations include:

  • A cardinal ornament on the tree
  • A small cardinal sculpture hidden in some greenery
  • A cardinal bell placed on a shelf or mantle
  • A red bird mug or towel displayed somewhere in the kitchen

#5 – Reindeer

Silver reindeer sculpture in Christmas Decorations display

Last, but not least, the holiday classic! Reindeer make for the perfect sprinkle of holiday cheer in your seasonal home decor. They don’t have to be “reindeer” per se, but I do love the look of incorporating deer into your Christmas decorations as they not only bring in a touch of nature but also add a fun ode to the holiday without being overt.

Below are my favorite ways to add these beautiful creatures to your decor:

  • Incorporate them into your table centerpiece
  • Add them to your tray surrounded by greenery
  • Place them on your fireplace
  • Arrange large ones in your garden

If you need more inspiration for Christmas decorations, stay tuned! We have a lot more merry & bright holiday decor inspiration coming your way.

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