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How To Create A Fun Children’s Bedroom Design

When you think of a children’s bedroom, what do you think of? Most of the time people think of a bright and colorful design that doesn’t necessarily fit the aesthetic of the rest of the house. In all fairness, that is perfectly fine! Growing up, my rooms were always painted obnoxiously bright colors with wild patterns and prints.


Elevating Your Children’s Bedroom Design

little boys travel themed bedroom filled with toys and decorative objects

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a fun and colorful bedroom design for your kiddos, I want to help keep you from making the same mistakes we did. While a textured wall made to look like leaves in the trees was fun for a while, as kids we outgrow our fads almost as quickly as we outgrow clothes. So what do you do?

Let me show you how to create a cool room for your kids so that you can easily help them transition in style as they grow. That way you won’t spend three days sanding down leaf-stamped walls like I did.

Step #1: Start With A Neutral Base

grey walls with peel and stick polka dots in purple and pink little girl's room

Start by painting the walls with a neutral paint color. It can be the same color as the rest of your house or you can choose something specific for your kid’s room. Any traditional color will work, but I typically would recommend keeping it in alignment with the rest of the home. Once you land on your base color, you can add a little color to the space.

You can add peel-and-stick wallpaper options to help give the room a little pizazz. You can go as big as you want or as minimal as you want. Whether it’s decals like little polka dots, sports figures and shapes, or a full accent wall of wallpaper, pick something as big and beautiful as your kid’s personality!

Step #2: Pick The Bed(s)

kid's bedroom with colorful accent wallpaper filled with planes and hot air balloons

Beds are a tricky subject. I loved my bunk beds so I will never say discourage you from letting your kids experience it. However, I do recommend having at least one bed that is a full. Kids grow fast and you want the bed to last. If you get them a full, they will be able to use that bed for a longer time and it will be something you can also fit guests in when they come to visit if you need the space.

You should also consider the type of headboard you choose. While the fun race car or wild-looking kid’s bedframe is cute and fun, you can also make a regular headboard just as fun. I recommend finding a neutral headboard with some added character that you can dress up with fun pillows and decor. 

Step #3: Add Some Fun Pillows

patterned and colorful decorative pillows on bed in boys bedroom

Pillows are an easy way to play up a kid’s bedroom. Pillow inserts are a great investment that you can use even when the style changes and the pillowcases are an affordable way to bring some character into the space. Mix various patterns, prints, and colors to create a colorful escape for your kids. They will absolutely love it and it won’t break the bank.

The more you let your creativity flow here, the better the space will be. Try to incorporate most of the colors you plan to use in the space and add a variety of pillow shapes and sizes. This will help create a visual focal point for the room and a fun space for your kid to sleep.

Step #4: Give The Kids A Place To Sit

purple couch in pink and purple kids room with bunk beds and polka dots

Kids love to hang out in their rooms and you don’t want them lying in bed all day. There is a ton of science around the reasons you shouldn’t hang out in bed all day, but to keep it brief, your kid needs somewhere else to sit. That is why you should find a way to add a fun seating area for your kids.

Whether it’s bean bags or a full couch, find something unique to add to the space. Keep in mind, you may find yourself (and your guests) sitting there on more than one occasion so just make sure it’s comfortable.

Step #5: Hang Up Some Artwork

boys bedroom with a navy blue chair in the corner surrounded by decorative objects and stuffed animals

A kid’s room is meant to be fun and the art in the room should reflect that. Whether it’s a fun poster or your kid’s personal design, framing the artwork can help to elevate the design while keeping it playful for your kid. Here are my favorite art ideas for your kid’s room:

  • photographs of your little one during different stages
  • their own art and creations
  • posters
  • playful paintings
  • framed fabric
  • mirrors
  • Unique objects that align with the room theme

Step #6: Add Fun Accents

airplane and hot air balloon themed room with bold colors and stuffed animals

Finally, top your design off with some fun accents that match the theme of the room and your kid’s personality. For your young ones, you can go crazy with stuffed animals. I used to love them and I know plenty of kids who tend to collect a borderline ridiculous amount of stuffed animals. The adorable plush toys will help add character and make the space feel personal for your little one.

For older kids, you may want to get a little more creative. You can add chess sets, doll houses, miniature vanities, or anything specific to your child’s personality to make your children’s bedroom more special. The more unique the feature is, the more your kid will love it!

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