white linen bed frames with metal trim in organic modern bedroom design

5 Stylish Bed Frames I’m Loving In 2023 & How To Style Them

Bed frames are the centerpieces of your bedroom. That’s why it is vital to ensure you select one that represents not only your personal style but that it also aligns with the design of the rest of your bedroom. What’s the difference you ask? Well, your personal style is incorporated into your bedroom there is a deeper set of design rules to follow when selecting the proper bedframe for your room.


Finding The Right Bed Frames

As you have probably heard me mention before, I’m not the biggest fan of matching sets for several reasons. The main reason is that although they are easy to decorate your space with, they tend to make the room feel flat and bland. They lack visual diversity, creating a one-dimensional space that won’t give you that curated, designer look.

Instead, the goal is to find a bedframe that differs from yet still compliments the rest of your bedroom furniture. To keep it simple, you will want to choose different materials while repeating the same colors, patterns, shapes, and/or styles throughout the rest of your space. For inspiration, I’ve curated a short list of my five favorite bed frames for this year and how to style them.

Wrought Iron

black, white, and green modern farmhouse bedroom with wrought iron bed frame

Wrought Iron bed frames are a tried and true modern farmhouse classic. Although quite heavy, they provide a strong, sturdy frame with timeless elegance. This particular frame also comes in a wide variety of shapes and styles, but each one still has that same farmhouse look so you can’t really go wrong with whichever design you choose.

They also make finding the appropriate side table easy. Practically any wood nightstand is a suitable option. The only concern you may have is pairing a thin framed nightstand or metal bedside table with it.

Cane & Wood

cane and wood bedframe with oriental rug in organic model bedroom design

Cane has made a major comeback recently and I love it. It’s become quite popular on cabinets and nightstands, but I also think it is an excellent option for your bedframe! The raw material gives the room a more organic look and feels while still providing that elevated designer look. Sounds dreamy, right?

Since the bedframe is wooden and cane, I would recommend staying away from a wood nightstand. Or at the very least, stay away from a thicker wooden piece. Try to provide some contrast with a more rounded, dainty option. Or go for a stark contrast and pick a nightstand with metal or stone finishes to bring a new element into the space.

Metal & Fabric

white fabric and metal frame in modern farmhouse bedroom design with neutral accents and small pops of color

The metal and fabric combination may be my personal favorite. I love how the metal trim creates a moodier accent to the traditional neutral fabric. Plus, this headboard would actually be comfortable to lean up against at night. Besides the absolutely stunning aesthetic of this type of bedframe, the major perk of having a fabric & metal frame is that it allows you a ton of flexibility in deciding which nightstands to choose.

Let’s face it, wooden nightstands are the majority and a metal and fabric frame allows you to choose from a variety of styles of wooden dressers. Additionally, you can also mix in metals or stones since the metal in the frame is just a small accent versus the entire feature. Color palette-wise, I recommend matching the color of your nightstand to the metal trim, but you don’t have to!

Antique Metal

antique brass bed frame with white linens and traditional style accents in bedroom design

Contrary to the heavy look and style of wrought iron bed frames, antique metal frames have a softer appearance. They also tend to have more texture, giving them more organic than a farmhouse or industrial aesthetic, which I find quite romantic. They make for the perfect addition to a clean, minimal, or natural room design.

This means they do well with furniture with a similar aesthetic. Nightstands featuring a more traditional or antique design are perfect for this type of frame. I would stray from anything too sleek or modern and be cautious of anything too bulky. You will want something more middle ground to blend well with the dainty nature of the bedframe.

Neutral Fabric

white leather headboard in blue and green modern farmhouse bedroom design

Last, but not least I always recommend a neutral fabric bedframe. It could be a soft fabric, leather, or another material of your choice, but the key is to keep it very plain and simple. The casual and neutral style will allow the rest of the bedroom design to act as the feature of the space. This could be anything from beautiful accent pillows to a glorious work of art.

Neutral bed frames also make picking the right nightstand a super simple task. Practically any bedside table you want can align with your neutral bedframe. It could be metal, wood, or stone, and all of them would look gorgeous next to your blank canvas.

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