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6 Decor Tips to Keep You Cozy During Another Pandemic Winter

Another pandemic winter is here, whether we like it or not. If you live in a chilly, snowy climate like me, then you may be worried about how you’re going to spend another long winter indoors without many options for going out into social settings.

While we may no longer be able to embrace the quarantine comforts we all adopted early on in the pandemic, staying busy can help combat cabin fever. The Happiness Institute reported that people who made or did D.I.Y. projects were happier throughout the pandemic. Is it time for another round of re-doing your space? Maybe clearing out the junk from the past year, tackling home-improvement projects you’ve been putting off, or finding an even cozier way to decorate your home?

If you’re planning on staying in for the winter, there are a few things you can do to make your home cozier and more comforting. Adding a touch of color and updating your decor can brighten your mood and make your house feel like a special cozy place in which to hibernate until spring.

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Bring the outdoors indoors…

Occasionally, all it takes is a touch of green to convince you that winter isn’t forever. Plants can improve productivity and concentration by 15 percent and enhance air quality by 20 percent. Buy yourself a lovely big leafy floor plant and place it by the window. And while it might be too late to do this now, remember that semi-hardy annuals planted outside your home during the warmer months can also be brought inside for the winter. This keeps them warm and flourishing and allows you to enjoy them in your home throughout the colder seasons. If you want to add more plants to your home, but don’t receive great sunlight, consider plants that prefer shade and partial light like Spider plants and Boston Ferns.

Warm up your decor.

A great way to bring warmth and coziness to your winter hideaway is to include textures such as wool, leather, silk, and velvet in your bedding and linens. You do NOT have to spend a lot of money to make you’re home warm and cozy. The key is to layer textures combining warm, comforting colors like terracotta with pillows, sheets, and throws. I have random blankets and quilts that I fold and pile into vintage fruit boxes near the sofa. I also layer sheepskins over soft, cozy blankets on our leather couch. It’s inexpensive but definitely ups the cozy factor instantly.

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Lighten up.

During the winter, days are shorter and evening arrives earlier. Lighten up your space to create a warm glow and beat the winter blues. Add a few table lamps or a new floor lamp to your living room. Try to have a fire going in the fireplace as often as possible, and light candles as the sun begins to set for a calm, cozy glow.

And dim it down!

Install dimmers in your most-used rooms to create a comforting glow and help you relax. Using dimmer switches, you can have just enough lighting to minimize the strain on your eyes while still not being distracted by the lights.

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Create a bathroom oasis.

When the weather outside is chilly, a bath is a welcome luxury. I love to upgrade my bath salts, candles, warm slippers, and bath towels during the winter. The bathroom during these chilly months is my oasis! Create your own spa-like bathroom by decanting bubble bath and bath salts into prettier jars, replacing your soap dispenser, or treating yourself to some comfy and cute loungewear to make the post-bath or shower experience even more pleasurable and luxurious. Drape warm thick towels on a towel warmer and make sure when you step out of your bath, your feet snuggle into a thick bath mat. Do whatever you can to create a winter haven in your bathroom.

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It’s okay to spend a little more $ on comfort items.

Whenever you spend this much time at home, every little touch counts. If you can afford it, invest in a few new items for your kitchen, such as a fancy coffee maker or a chef-quality soup pot. It’s worth it to spend the money on beautiful things if they make you want to spend more time in your space. I bought a pretty tea kettle and some new coffee mugs, as well as some quality soup bowls. We also invested in a couple of lambswool bean bag chairs for the kids to snuggle in by the fire.

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