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5 Stylish Accessories That Will Upgrade Your Kitchen

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen without renovating? Renovations are time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes just overall unrealistic for your life. However, just because you don’t want to renovate or can’t, doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade your home. Similar to accessorizing an outfit, you can transform a basic kitchen into an elegant one with the right accessories.

I often compare fashion and design because the two have significant similarities that are worth mentioning. For instance, a classic gold necklace can be used with an abundance of outfits, while a stunning statement necklace might lack that same versatility. You have to find the balance in both your jewelry and decorations of statement and staple pieces to compose a well-designed outfit or home.


Accessorize To Upgrade Your Kitchen

open shelves in a white kitchen with rustic decorations

Now, you all may not know this but I love accessories and decor (kidding, you all obviously know this). I also have five favorite kitchen decorations that I’m super excited to share with you. I’ve hand-picked pieces that are both a mix of staple and statement pieces, which also combine style and functionality. If this sounds good to you, keep reading.

A Functional Classic

kitchen canisters for flour, sugar, coffee

What’s better than combining beauty with function? I can’t think of anything I love as much as the right decoration that adds that elevated look while making my life easier. That’s why my number one kitchen accessory is a good canister set. Most sets include different pots for your coffee, sugar, or flour, but you don’t have to use them for just that.

The reason I find these so fabulous is that the canisters can be used to hide unsightly outlets, store your everyday necessities, and add a great accent piece to the kitchen. You can go bold with a fun pattern for a statement or keep it simple with a good neutral. Either way, they are an amazing addition to help elevate your kitchen.

Mugs Galore

stacked coffee mugs next to utensil holder on top of book

If I had only one thing in life it would have to be coffee. That’s why my second favorite kitchen accessory is a cute decorative mug display. This could be used in your coffee niche, on your countertop, or on an open shelf. The key here is to find a unique way to display them that fits within your design as well as your lifestyle.

If their mugs you probably won’t use, it’s okay if they’re part of a more elaborate design and used to hold other items. However, if you would like it to be a bit more functional to where you can actually use these for things like coffee and tea, I recommend hanging them on some sort of rack or hook.

Food Display

food display tray with apples and a wooden cake stand with bagels in grey and white kitchen

Faux decor can be beautiful, but there is something magical about incorporating natural elements into your design. I find this especially true when it comes to your kitchen decorations. Yes, the cookbooks, canisters, and cutting boards look stunning, but I guarantee you some sort of food display looks better. Why do you think that one famous HGTV star is always decorated with fresh fruits or baked goods?

For this reason, that’s why I put food displays as my third favorite kitchen decoration. Whether it’s a large bowl piled high with fruit or a cake stand filled with bagels, bringing in these raw elements makes your space feel more like home and gives it that lived-in designer look from the magazines.

Find A Good Tray

rustic tray on kitchen counter with black, white and grey canisters and greenery

Coming in at number four, a personal favorite of mine is the kitchen tray. Whether it’s a single-level tray or one with multiple layers, a good tray can come in handy in your kitchen. You can decorate it with whatever your heart desires. Small trinkets, food, or kitchen necessities are often the go-to accessories but you can truly afford to get creative here.

The best part about this aesthetic kitchen accessory is that it also serves a practical purpose. When you have guests over you can easily convert the tray from style to function to help stage baked goods, snacks, or other food for your guests. It’s honestly a win-win and a simple way to upgrade your kitchen.

Don’t Forget The Books!

grey and white kitchen with cookbook open on stand and large wooden utensil holder to help upgrade your kitchen

Finally, at number five, you can’t forget to add a few good books. Seriously, whether you’re blocking an outlet with a standing cookbook display or layering a few decorations on top and around a stack of books, this is the most simplistic way to upgrade your kitchen design. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on these either. Head to your local thrift store and find a few books with good covers or a couple of antique ones that you can rip the covers off of to design with.

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