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Unique Ways to Add a Bit of Whimsy to Your Home

Original farmhouses typically possess a bit of (or a lot of) quirkiness, so adding some whimsical touches is an organic way to play on these already unconventional elements.

Adding a few touches of whimsy shows the world you don’t take yourself too seriously. One way to add whimsy is to play down areas that might feel, well, how shall we say this…pretentious? Have you got an ornate mirror in the entryway? Why not tuck a couple of cute black and white photos into the frame? Or place a small hat on the cactus in your sunroom?

There are so many ways to add some eccentricity to your home. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites!

Lean Artwork–My husband never understood why I did this, and well, frankly, he still doesn’t quite get it. But framed artwork and photos leaning against a wall radiate a sort of artsy studio vibe that one wouldn’t expect in a farmhouse. Art is supposed to be hung on the wall, “they” say. But go against the grain and lean that art!

Hang Your Children’s Artwork (or Your Own Childhood Artwork)–I love seeing homes with children’s artwork posted all over the place. Take it one step further and frame some of their best pieces to display where you would normally hang an expensive framed piece from a gallery. Unlike a print of some unknown artist, when you catch a glimpse of your children’s framed artwork hanging on your wall (I promise you!), your heart will soar. When my daughter was about six years old, she wrote me a sweet letter with misspelled words about how I was a princess, and I have it framed above my bed. Every night I go to bed, I see it and smile.

Dress the Bed in Hearts–While I tend to keep our guest room more subdued with plaid and quilts, I’m playing with the idea of switching it up and making this room a little bit more fun. What guest wouldn’t love to fall into a bed of happy hearts or some other type of cheerful print? Plaid is fine and can feel cozy but doesn’t everybody do plaid?

A Very Ugly Chair–True story – my late father-in-law had a blonde leather chair that looked like something out of the Jetsons. My husband loves this chair very much. He doesn’t see it as ugly but rather as the spot his father used to sit in to take off his boots after work and settle in to watch a Yankees game in the living room with his son. I never allowed the chair into our home until I realized how much it meant to my husband. Now, the chair sits squarely in our family room. Does it stick out like a sore thumb? Yep. Do I still hate it and want it out? Yes. Do my designer friends think it’s ridiculous? Yes. But sometimes, we need to let these odd, out-of-place, but much-loved pieces into our homes as a reminder that love trumps all.

My father-in-law’s chair in all its glory

Random Animal Paraphenlia–I have a very soft spot in my heart for elephants. I’m not obsessed, but I grew fond of these gigantic creatures after reading the novel “White Bone.” My son loves turtles, and my daughter thinks donkeys are fabulous. There’s something sweet about an out-of-place sketch of an elephant on your wall, a stuffed turtle on your bed, or a cute donkey figurine on the mantle. Again, it shows you don’t take yourself that seriously. Let cute animal decor into your home and believe me, you’ll be so happy you did!

A Funky Chair–I know we covered my father-in-law’s chair above. But chairs are full of personality. Adding a funky one found at the thrift store is always a good bet. Other good ideas: a couple of children’s chairs pulled up to the coffee table, an old antique chair as a side table, a collection of odd vintage chairs pulled up to the dining table – all give off that cozy, comfy, casual vibe.

An Oversized Picture in the Guest Bathroom–I like to add a lot of whimsy in the guest room because it’s a place I can play with and then close the door. A funky, unique oversized bit of artwork in the guest bathroom can catch a person off-guard… but in a good way.

So what are some of your favorite ways to add whimsy to your home? Please share them with us in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Unique Ways to Add a Bit of Whimsy to Your Home”

  1. The wimsy in our home started when a young grandson saw a cast iron owl doorstop and told me owls like to be up high….we now have 3 owls on upper ledges. ……then there is the fairy door too nice to put outside, near the front door with a path of river rocks that little boys love to rearrange…..or the Christmas tree decorated with stuffed animals so grandma doesn’t worry about precious breakable ornaments. The boys frequently move them around, giving they favorites prime space. …..maybe it’s too much wimsy, and just a crazy grandma……

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