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Towel Storage: 7 Easy Ways To Store Extra Towels

How many towels do you have lying around in your bathroom? You may have a towel for your body, a towel for your hair, a washcloth for your face, one for your body, and one to drive off your hair. That’s not even including towels you need for your guests, significant other, or anyone else in your home. Seems like a lot, right?

It is, and that’s just the low end of towels you need in a bathroom. So what do you do with all of these towels? Some bathrooms have a ton of storage and others don’t have as much. Either way, do you honestly ever have enough storage?


Towels & Where To Put Them

Two towel hooks with one grey towel on the side of the shower

Fortunately, there are a ton of creative & simple ways to store towels in your bathroom! Some can help hide the towels, some can help bring them to the center of your decor. Whichever you prefer, I’ve got a few options for you. Follow along for 7 easy ways to store your towels.

Grab A Tray

Grey wicker tray with hand towel and bar of soap on bathroom counter

The first solution is simple, grab a basket or tray and play around. Toss in a few simple face towels, perhaps your favorite face wash, or any small bathroom necessities. I love this solution for a guest bathroom because you can easily display and provide your guests with a few necessities while they’re at your house. I promise this is something they will all remember.

It’s also a great option in your own bathroom for the things you like easy access to such as cotton rounds and Q-tips. However you want to arrange it, you can help make your washcloths or hand towels a centerpiece of your bathroom decor. It’s the perfect combination of style and function.

Look Down Low

Grey hand towel on brass wall towel hook on the side of the vanity

We’ve all heard of towel rings and towel bars on the walls of your bathroom, but what about on the side of your vanity? Is that a new concept for you? It was for me too, but I love it! Obviously, it won’t work in every bathroom, but it is a great solution in master bathrooms with double vanities.

It helps create clean lines by clearing your counters or walls or it can also add additional towel storage on top of those wall towel bars and rings. I also think that they add a beautiful touch to the bare vanity wall and it’s the perfect place for a splash of color or personality.

Baskets All-Around

Black and white rope basket with two large white towels rolled up next to the shower

Although you can use smaller baskets on your counters, don’t forget how beneficial floor baskets can be for towel storage. They make the perfect addition to any bathroom as they can be neatly nuzzled next to the shower for easy access as well as a cute bathroom decoration. There are a variety of styles you can use to decorate and you can store quite a few full-sized towels here. If you don’t love the idea of it resting on the floor, go ahead and grab a stool to elevate the design and your basket!

Stool Decor

Two white towels rolled up on bamboo vanity stool

Speaking of stools, you could skip the basket altogether and toss a couple of neatly rolled towels onto your stool. I love how the soft texture complements the wood and bamboo tones. It provides them with an easily accessible space and adds a fun element that is easy to replace once you use one. Simple, fun, and easy. What could be better?

If you need a few suggestions on towel rolls or towel folds, check out 3 unique towel folds in my previous blog.

On The Ledge

Grey towel folded on the ledge behind the bathtub with a back scratcher on top

We all love a good, relaxing bath so why not make some extra towel storage built around that? Even in a free-standing tub, there tends to be at least one good ledge close by. Snag that ledge and neatly fold or roll up a couple of towels. This puts them perfectly in arms reach for when you finally have to return to the real world after your relaxing escape in the tub.

Stash Some In The Shower

Neatly folded wash cloth under soap bar on shower ledge cut out

This one is probably best in showers that aren’t used every day, but it could still work if you’re dedicated to replacing it every day. I’m not that dedicated so I love using this one in a guest bathroom. Tucking it neatly under a fresh bar of soap is not only a fun aesthetic touch, but it’s such a warm welcome for any guest. It’s a sweet touch that your guests will love and it will help free up some storage space for other things.

A Way To Not Destroy Your Good Towels

Feather printed disposable towels on a towel green and white towel dish

Last but not least, here’s a simple solution to keep from completely destroying your favorite hand towels. If you grew up in a home like mine, you knew decorative towels were off-limits and you needed to grab one of the paper towels to dry them with. However, they weren’t really the cutest addition to the bathroom counter.

This new solution provides a beautiful addition to your counter as well as the perfect savior for your hand towels. Grab a decorative disposable towel bin. It will help give your bathroom a fun twist and you can even spice up your disposable towels to help elevate the look.

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