decorative wooden box as a creative storage solution on base of fireplace

4 Stylish Storage Solutions You Need In Your Home

Let’s face it – as a homeowner things start to accumulate and you have to get super savvy with your home storage solutions. Yes, you have your cabinets, shelving, and dressers but what happens when you run out of room there? Sometimes you need a little bit more storage for a few of your odds and ends. You may also want your storage that adds style to your space, not detracts from it.

One of my favorite things is turning items that need to be stored into the perfect decoration for any space. Stylish storage helps you keep essential items within arm’s reach while not detracting from the look and feel of the space. This often can’t be done by adding in additional clunky furniture or building expensive built-ins. Plus, sometimes you just need to hide or disguise those knick-knacks or daily necessities not add a giant storage unit to the room.


What Are Your Storage Solutions?

That’s quite simple, really. Learn how you can use a few easy and affordable items and turn them into stylish storage solutions for any room in your home. Ready? Let’s get to it!

A Classic

Wicker basket with sponge, towel and soap on bathroom counter

Let’s start off with a classic: the wicker basket. I must say that this is truly one of my all-time favorite modern farmhouse storage solutions. It’s so multi-faceted as it brings in a hint of earth tones, decorative versatility, and is a great storage option for some of your everyday essentials. This one item can be used in many ways in almost any room of your home.

Plop this on a bathroom counter with a few towels and bathroom needs or add this to the shelving in your living room to hide cords. Regardless of how you utilize the basket, you will surely find that it’s a perfect solution for almost any of your storage needs.

Wicker basket on kitchen island filled with snacks and surrounded by white and gold accents

Still looking for more insight into how to use them? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Use under a sofa table to store spare pillows and blankets
  • Place under an entry hall table to stash shoes, coats, scarves, and more
  • Put a few on your open shelves in the living room to hide cords, remotes, and movies
  • Toss a couple in your bathroom on the open shelves to hide any toiletries or air fresheners

A Jarring Solution

Glass and wood jars on laundry room counter filled with scrubbers and laundry detergent

Next, glass jars have become quite the trending topic lately in interior design. As a certain dynamic duo grows more and more popular for their functional storage solutions, the trend of clear storage containers has become quite predominant in today’s design world. One of the best ways to utilize clear storage is by snagging a few glass jars.

Clothes pins in glass jars in black and white laundry room

These are also quite versatile as they can hold bathroom goods such as cotton rounds and q-tips or they can store powders such as laundry detergent. They look a lot better than the original wrapping and make the perfect decorative impact on any counter or shelf. Want a few more examples of how to use this simple storage solution? Check out these suggestions:

  • Store laundry detergent, scent beads, or clothes clips in your laundry room
  • Stash q-tips, cotton rounds, or hair ties in your bathroom
  • Keep your sugar, flour, and baking goods contained neatly in your pantry or kitchen

Functional Furniture

storage solutions: wooden coffee table in white, blue and grey living room that opens up for additional storage

Then you have functional furniture. In today’s day and age, almost nothing is as it seems. Stores like Ikea and others have taken functional living to a whole new level as they aim to make the most out of less space. We could all use to take a page out of their book, but if you’re looking for additional storage opportunities you most certainly should.

Do you find yourself lacking storage in your living room? Perhaps you need somewhere to stash extra blankets or holiday pillow covers? Try finding stools with built-in storage or a coffee table with drawers or storage space. This allows your furniture to not only help curate a beautiful living room aesthetic, but it helps you store any small items without adding more furniture or clutter to the room.

Of course, this same concept works for various furniture options. If you need some inspiration, here are some fun functional furniture pieces:

  • Beds with built-in drawers underneath or shelves on the headboard
  • Desks with drawers in your office that also lift up to become standing desks
  • Murphy beds or trundle beds
  • Trunks used as coffee tables or benches
  • Ottomans with removable lids for storage

Don’t Box Yourself In With Storage Solutions

Golden storage box on bathroom counter next to glass jar of seashells

When you see small clutter, we often toss it in our “junk drawer.” Almost every room in my house has one whether it’s a bathroom cabinet with medicine, first aid, contacts, and other items or a kitchen drawer with a measuring tape, pens, pencils, and random chip clips, each space has a catch-all spot for all my junk. Although that does work, there are also better solutions.

One solution is a decorative box. This small (or large piece) can add height to your design and is the perfect place to throw small knick-knacks such as remotes, batteries, medicine pill boxes, and much more. Depending on your space, your box will serve different functions and needs but that’s part of what makes them so great. They’re so versatile and truly fit in any space.

storage solutions: wooden box under pillow and blanket at the base of a fireplace surrounded by built-ins and open shelving

Need a few examples of ways to utilize them? I’ve got you covered.

  • Toss your remotes and spare batteries in a box on your nightstand
  • Hide extra AV cords or small gaming needs in one in your living room
  • Stash your weekly pill box and bathroom counter essentials in a box for easy access
  • Store your wet wipes and toiletries in one above your toilet
  • Place your recipe cards and shopping list in the one on your kitchen counter

If you need additional storage solutions, our expert team has a few blogs you can read. Check out any of these blogs to find the perfect storage solutions for your home! If you’re looking for some storage inspiration check out this dynamic duo.

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