Light sideboard with dark wooden box filled with white flowers surrounded by farmhouse decor

4 Of My Favorite Farmhouse Staples & How To Style Them

When you think of a modern farmhouse, what design staples do you think of? Do you immediately envision a “let’s eat” sign in a breakfast nook or wrought iron bed frame with layers upon layers of blankets? Regardless, every modern farmhouse has a few signature decorations and/or furniture pieces that are somewhat synonymous with farmhouse design.

I can think of quite a few pieces that I typically associate with modern farmhouse style. Some of them are great and some of them are, well, not so great. Either way, there are always those few classical decorations that help identify the style and could even be considered “signature” pieces.


4 Farmhouse Staples

modern farmhouse staples arranged into a small sitting area

Today, I want to share my favorite farmhouse staples with you. These are pieces I feel truly embody farmhouse design, but in a way that is timeless and classy. These pieces are ones that will likely never go out of style and can be used in your home in a multitude of ways. If you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

A Classic Box

Dark wood box with white floral arrangement next to white vases and farmhouse painting

Once upon a time, I wrote about a show-stopping centerpiece you had to have! The illustrious greenery box is an absolute gem and a modern farmhouse decorative staple. Whether you buy one or make your own, find a box full of character to make this a timeless and gorgeous decoration that you can use year-round.

Now that I’ve told you how wonderful it is, let me help you style it! One way is to add in some greenery foam as a solid base and slowly fill it with various greenery picks. We did this in ours and each season we swap a few of the stems for seasonal ones and add in a few holiday accents such as small ornaments or pumpkins. You can also fill this with fresh flowers, candles, or a combination of the two.

The Perfect Mood Lighting

2 light wood and black metal lanterns at the base of a fireplace

Lighting can set the mood and transform a space, which is why it’s important to layer in various lighting in each space. One of the easiest ways to add a little romance is to include a staple farmhouse decoration: a lantern. Obviously, not all lanterns have to have lighting in them, but the ones that do add the perfect hint of romance to whatever space they’re in.

With that in mind, I love placing lanterns at the base of a fireplace, around a bathtub, or on a front porch. You can style them simply by adding a pillar candle in each and arranging a few of varying heights or you can get a little more creative by layering in a few holiday florals or greens. If you love the lanterns exactly how they are, you can simply arrange them together and let their beauty shine. It’s really about your personal preference because they’re so versatile!

Something A Little Bigger

Wrought iron bed frame with large nightstands and blue and white bedding

It’s easy to purchase a decorative item when it’s cheaper. However, when you’re discussing investing a few thousand dollars into one, you’re going to want to know that it will withstand the test of time and not be outdated in the next couple of years. Fortunately, this next pick is one of those investments that are well worth the hefty price tag. My next favorite farmhouse staple is the wrought iron bed frame.

This gorgeous farmhouse classic has been around for generations due to its versatility and durability. The simplistic design provides the perfect frame to build your dream bedroom set. It’s best styled with “heavier” nightstands that contrast the airy, iron frame. As far as bedding, you can go any direction you’d like, but it truly looks best with a duvet, a plethora of throw pillows, and lots of layers.

Speaking Of Blankets…

black metal blanket ladder with white blanket next to accent chair

A blanket ladder is a perfect addition to any modern farmhouse. At first, I was a bit hesitant about these, but I’ve truly grown to love seeing these in homes. They are a great functional decorative piece that adds a bit of height to your design as well as a touch of warmth. These practical and pretty decorations deserve a permanent place in modern farmhouse design.

As one of my top modern farmhouse decorative staples, the blanket ladder can be styled in many different ways. Whether it’s in a small corner with blankets cozied up next to a wicker basket, or next to a bathtub adorned with a couple of decorative towels, the ladder will add an elegant yet rustic feel to any space. I don’t recommend filling every rung with a blanket or towel. Instead, pick your favorite one or two plush decorations and style them a bit further apart on the ladder giving your design room to breathe.

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