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How To Create A Cozy Reading Nook

Every reading lover’s dream is to have the ultimate cozy reading nook in their home. Even if you aren’t a big reading fan, like me, it’s still nice to have somewhere to curl up with a blanket and glass of wine while you scroll through Facebook or online shop for your next farmhouse home decor find. Some of you may ask, isn’t that what a living room is for? Well, it can be, but your reading nook can be so much more!

Living rooms tend to include large furniture pieces with open spaces where many people can gather. This often leads to an easily distracting area where your dirty dishes may distract you from relaxing. On the other hand, reading nooks contain smaller furniture pieces in a more confined space which allows you to zero in on your relaxing escape from the world.


Constructing Your Reading Nook

Besides smaller spaces and furniture, how do you create a reading nook? I’m so glad you asked! I’ve got SIX simple steps for curating your perfect reading nook. Yes, this guide works even if you don’t have a separate room for it.

Location. Location. Location.

Large stone fireplace just off the kitchen

Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that this cozy reading nook sits just in front of the kitchen. I know, it doesn’t seem like an ideal place for a quiet place to read, but let me explain why it works. My grandma and grandpa are the only two that live here. They don’t have much kitchen or living room noise unless they’re sitting down for dinner or watching their nightly news together.

This makes the space quiet and easily accessible – two essential features for creating the perfect reading space. In a fuller house (insert Joey Gladstone laugh), I recommend trying to find a space that’s in a less-trafficked place. Find a room or hallway that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic such as a master bedroom, office, bonus room, or sunroom. This will help eliminate noise and cultivate that peaceful vibe every reading nook should have.

Find A Desirable Feature

Light stone fireplace with framed longhorn decor

Next, find a showstopping centerpiece for the room. Every good space in a home has that one feature that makes you want to stay in the space and never leave. For example, a beautiful walk-in shower in the master bathroom or a glorious painting in the entry hall. Either way, it creates a focal point for the space that draws the eye in.

In my grandparent’s home, they have a stunning stone fireplace. The high-tech feature allows you to set the mood by changing the fire color, playing music or fire crackling sounds, and adding some heat or opting for a cooling breeze. The fireplace not only creates a visual focal point but serves as a very functional one as well.

Other intentional focal points in a reading nook could include bay windows or a large built-in bookcase with a bench. The bay window brings in heat while creating a gorgeous backdrop while the built-ins act as storage with an added design element. There are many more options to include, but the important thing is to find a focal point that creates your desired reading atmosphere from both a design and functional standpoint.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Antique green chairs staged in front of fireplace facing a love seat

Unlike your bed, rugs, or living room couch, bigger isn’t better for reading nook furniture. First, the term “reading nook” inherently suggests a small space and therefore oversized furniture will make the smaller footprint feel quite cramped and overwhelming. Second, the space is meant to be cozy. Smaller furniture almost snuggles you in tight creating a more “cozy” feel.

Small also doesn’t need to mean uncomfortable. Find furniture that provides enough support to feel comfortable seated for a longer time, but soft enough to give you that “I could fall asleep at any minute” feeling. My suggestion is to find furniture pieces with a smaller frame that still have some thicker cushioning.

Always Add Storage!

Copper storage bin next to loveseat

Last but not least, add storage! Not only do you need storage for books, but you also could use storage for your cozy necessities. My grandma has this beautiful antique copper bin that makes the perfect home for her fuzzy blankets. Be thoughtful in your storage selections as everything will be seen in this small space.

If you don’t have much room opt for a blanket ladder. If you don’t have space for a side table to hold your coffee cup and reading glasses, try for floating shelves or a small tray that you could keep delicately placed on your bench or loveseat. Regardless of what you choose, find a storage option that makes sense for you!

This is a great time to mix in some antique pieces such as the copper tin, especially in a reading nook! If you’re feeling a bit uneasy about mixing modern and antique accents, follow Nicolle’s tips for mixing the two to create a cozy but refreshed style.

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