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9 Ways To Create The Ultimate Home Office

More and more people are working at home and therefore the home office has become a major focal point for homeowners. If you’ve been following along with our daily tips, you probably read how to create an office nook you’ll love, but that centered more around the bare minimum of adding a workstation to your home. This worked for those trying to cram a tiny office space into a home, not create their dream office.

Today, I want you to envision the office you’ve always dreamed of. Home offices can often be dull and lack style, but they should actually be just the opposite. Your at-home office should inspire you each and every day and help you stay focused and encouraged during your work hours.


Office Must-Haves

So what is it then that makes an office the “ultimate at-home office?” Although everyone will have their own thoughts on styles and necessities, I’ve curated a list of 9 things your dream office needs.

No One Puts Baby In A Corner!

rustic wooden desk in the center of the room with a geometric textured rug beneath it

Stop cramming your desk up against the wall! Not only does it restrict your view during the day, but it also makes the room appear cheaper and more crowded. Open up your space and add a little feng shui by moving your desk to the center of the room.

This allows you to incorporate shelving, provide room to get up and move around, and also gives an overall more spacious feel to the room. Cords will not be hidden well here, but there are a ton of tips & tricks out there to help you hide or disguise them if they bother you.

Cozy It Up

Brown office desk with white rug

As you cultivate your desired office space, you’re going to want to add some cozy elements to the space. Offices have a tendency to feel cold and uninviting. Unlike other rooms in the home where rugs, pillows, and blankets appear in every corner, your office tends to lack these softer elements.

Cozy up the space by adding a nice, plush rug. This will help reduce the echo and noise in the space while creating a beautiful visual. Just make sure the rug is large enough to fit beneath your desk with plenty of room to pull out your chair.

Stuck On The Side

Grey built-ins with gold hardware creating a small office desk on the back office wall

If you absolutely can’t stand the idea of centering your desk in the room, at least make your desk a statement on the wall. You can do these by creating a full display with custom built-ins. The entire wall will feel like a custom desk and you can design it to specifically meet your work and storage needs. This works great if your job requires a bunch of additional materials, paperwork, or supplies that you will need to access on a daily basis.

Even if you don’t go the built-in route, ensure your desk is propped against the wall with some added shelving or design elements to help draw the eye up and curate the space. If not, your office will feel stale and sterile.

Down To Earth

Pink flowers in clear vase stacked on top of books on a glass office desk

Another way to bring softer, more earthy elements into your design is by including greenery or flowers. It seems like common sense, but often times offices tend to consist mostly of heavy metals, wood, and books. These elements weigh the room down aesthetically and come across as a bit industrial.

Tossing in a few greens or flowers can help boost your productivity and mood. The snake plant has actually been shown to purify the air around it leading to a better work environment. After all, clean air leads to a clear mind. Yes, I know no one really says that, but they probably should!

Spice Things Up

race car image wallpaper on men's, industrial office wall

Looking to take your office to the next level? Add some pizazz with an adorable accent wall. You don’t have to go crazy with a bold wallpaper if that’s too overpowering for you, but you can try switching up the paint color, adding some board & batten accents, or something along those lines. Drawing the eye toward a particular point in the room can help create a visual focal point for you to align your other decor with.

Make It Functional

Industrial shelves and desk with bright yellow and blue accents in home office

Nothing makes me happier than functional design. Let’s face it, we tend to accumulate a lot of “stuff” in our office. Besides ugly filing cabinets or clutter scattered on your desk, there is another solution that also looks good. Add in some open shelving. Not only can you utilize this for decorative accents, but you can also include functional storage options like baskets and bins that can help you stay organized!

Light It Up

gold, black, and grey glamorous office decor with abstract desk lamp

Adding a desk lamp is essential to curating the ultimate at-home office. Between late nights in the office, zoom calls, and hard-to-read paperwork, you could use a little extra light. A desk lamp can help improve your appearance on Zoom calls while easing the burden on your eyes when reading. Functional, practical, and useful.

Add Some Cushions

Leather chairs with colorful accents across from office desk

Even though you aren’t in an office office, you may still have some, well, “coworkers” come in to visit. It can be nice to have additional seating for clients, kids, or friends to come in and work in your office with you or just chat. Sometimes it’s also just nice to mix up where you sit. Add some additional seating options to your office and watch your space instantly feel more luxurious and welcoming.

Get Inspired

White, grey, and green accents on a walnut office desk

Last, but not least decorate your office with objects, pictures, and colors that leave you feeling inspired. Work can be boring and tedious, but when you work in a place that feels inspiring and beautiful, it will help you stay energized and focused. Whether it’s family portraits, unique sculptures, or something else, make sure your office decor reflects your personality and leaves you excited to work.

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