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My 7 Favorite Farmhouse Finds

This weekend I had the most amazing opportunity! I got to visit the San Antonio Vintage Market Days and it did not disappoint. The marketplace was held in George Straight’s Rose Palace which often hosts local sporting events, rodeos, and concerts. This of course set my expectations quite high for the event. I was amazed at the loads of vendors, neatly nuzzled into the arena. Each one had its own special twist on vintage farmhouse décor. There was also food, live music, photo ops, and clothing boutiques to shop at too!

I spent around 3 hours casually perusing the vendor tents and found some show-stopping pieces. Needless to say, the $10 event was well-worth every penny and I’m excited to share some of my favorite farmhouse finds with you!

Barrel top used as giant tray

I must start by saying that the finds are listed in no particular order, however, this one is a top 5 favorite. One vendor, in particular, showed off these stunning barrel top trays and I became instantly obsessed. The oversized tray could be attached to legs for a standalone bar table or set on top of one as a charcuterie board. The large tray provides ample space for a wine basket with ice and a variety of delectable treats.

The barrel tops come in multiple shades and were wrapped neatly in beautifully weathered metal. This tray will be a jaw-dropping conversation starter for any party! As you can see it is a bit pricey ($155 total), but I think it’s well worth the price. I wasn’t able to snag a vendor card to know where to buy, but I would recommend checking your local farmer market if you’re interested.

Oversized dough elongated dough bowl

Find number two is this giant dough bowl. I have always loved the look of the little dough bowls, but this oversized one stole my heart. It grabbed my attention 3 vendors down and I raced over to the stand. I’m always amazed at how larger pieces can make a room feel more grandiose. I envision this as a centerpiece for a large farmhouse table, the end of a giant bed, or along the edge of a soaker tub. The lightly stained weathered wood makes the piece perfectly farmhouse.

As demonstrated, the large vases fit neatly into the bowl making a bold, beautiful statement. You could also fill this with a bright floral arrangement, or add in some unique sculptural pieces. I like the idea of throwing candlesticks into the greenery for an element of romance. The versatility of this dough bowl makes it the ultimate statement piece for any home.

Large white clock accented with black pieces and wooden candle sticks.

This shop had a few of my favorite pieces and honestly, this vendor was most certainly my favorite of the day. Pizzini Kids Foundation blew me away with their stunning modern farmhouse décor. The mother-daughter duo cultivated a gorgeous booth with each furniture piece hand-crafted by the daughter. Although the furniture was worth an entire blog itself, my favorite item of the day was the remarkable white clock. The majestic timepiece was lit with an LED light strip that amplified the shining beauty of the clock. My sister walked away with this steal for $180 so keep an eye out for pictures of it in her home.

My second favorite find from the Pizzini stand were the tiny wooden candlesticks. Typically, wood candlesticks are fairly thick and the petite ones are mostly crafted with metal. The picture honestly doesn’t do these dainty candlesticks justice. The natural wood and finely spun sticks are marvelous in person. They would make the perfect addition to a slimmer mantle, shelf, or tray. They came in a variety of shades and colors which make them the perfect addition for your modern farmhouse.

Lastly, I adored the hanging candle holders. The bold black wall art transposed against the light wood frame made a brilliant statement piece for the wall. The unique double circle filled with a base of deep greens provides the perfect modern touch for any space. The sleek and simple design makes them versatile enough for any room in your home.

Natural wood tray with legs

Trays have become almost synonymous with farmhouse style and if you’re into transitional or organic modern, you know they are a staple element for almost any design style. This weekend I found this delicate, natural wood tray that was to die for. The lifted legs add a special touch and the rough wood give it an earthy feel that would fit well with the trendy green cabinets that are in style this year. I see this as the perfect tray for a small bathroom counter with a soap dispenser and a candle or a tiny kitchen nook with a cookbook and small potted plant.

Once again, the versatility of the piece makes it a home run. I love the raw element it could bring into a more modern room. It could fit in with dark neutrals like forest green or deep greys, but it could also blend beautifully with whites, tans, and beige for an airy feel. Plus, it was only $25!

beaded, wood lanterns

Last, but not least these wooden, beaded lanterns were a top 7 find! I love how unique the beaded strings of white-washed wood look as well as the stark contrast of the black handle. Fill these cuties with a greenery poof, candle, or both and they will be the perfect addition to any room! Rest them at the base of your fireplace, beside your bathtub, or at the foot of a sofa table for a perfect rustic accent. I can see these on the front page of a Magnolia or Pottery Barn magazine.

If you loved today’s finds comment below for more information on where to get them! Plus, stay tuned for what was trending during the spring Vintage Market Days.

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    1. Thank you for commenting! I found all of this at a local market in San Antonio, but I found a couple of similar items at the links below:

      I’ve also found some very similar options at Hobby Lobby, so that may be worth checking out.

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