Perfecting the Modern Farmhouse

Creative Ways to Perfect the Modern Farmhouse Style

Since the Modern Farmhouse is a more sophisticated version in the Farmhouse realm, modern farmhouse style requires a bit more thinking and specialization, especially if the intention is to perfect its modernization. We like to believe the reason it has become so popular is because it truly is a design aesthetic that perfectly marries the coziness and comfort of a traditional farmhouse to a contemporary and minimalistic style form. The latter creates a breath of fresh air and keeps the home feeling light and organized, not stuffy or stale.

The rustic detail in a traditional Farmhouse is one to embrace as well, but be mindful not to overdo it! Once again, here is that balance we are always referring to!


Perfecting the Modern Farmhouse Style Through Color

Neutral color palettes are definitely important when trying to achieve a modern farmhouse style. White, cream and gray tones are your friend and can really stabilize the design perspective. These should all be the starting point because they will create the overall idea of the modern design method. Think of them as your base.

A nice, clean, simple base. The colors immediately add a fresh voice which will carry through to the contemporary direction when striving for a modern farmhouse aura.

Perfecting the Modern Farmhouse

Contrasting Colors

Contrasting colors also open the home up to a more modern touch. If you keep most of the elements in the farmhouse their natural material, they will speak strongly to the rural and rustic nature of the home. However, if you choose deep, rich colors to paint these foundations then you are steering the home into that middle (modern) farmhouse ground. Plus, the contrast of these deep, rich colors against the neutral base chosen early on will lay a lot more ground work for the desired look and feel to be complete.

Perfecting the Modern Farmhouse

When starting the modernizing journey there may have been an overwhelming feeling. A lot to get to, a lot to freshen up. However, starting with neutrals and adding pops is a much less-stressful way to approach this process.

Mixing Materials

While the contrasting layer will continue to get the home in the right direction, filling the house with mixed natural materials like stone and wood will really get it rounded out! The furniture can also play a role in modernizing a farmhouse, as certain designs and materials can really create a contemporary sense. Velvets and linens expand a modern farmhouse because these materials speak to both the rustic tone as well as the more polished, modern-day tone. Metals for hardware and furniture (like couch legs) really help as well.

Modern Farmhouse Interiors

Look to accessories that can add material and texture as well – sculptures in stone or metal or wood. Bead board coupled with a more modern kitchen adorning two large islands with beautiful stone is a sharp seasoned and balanced salute to the modern farmhouse style. Little dabs here and there can really finish a space off nicely.

It’s that stepping back moment “Ahh, you complete me!” that is the goal!

Perfecting the Modern Farmhouse

Practicing Minimalism, or Semi-Minimalism

In a contemporary home, minimalism is everything. However, in a modern farmhouse it is important to practice semi-minimalism. A rustic, traditional farmhouse would otherwise share many layers of stories in furniture, accessories or even detailing already built into the home. A contemporary, modern home would otherwise share only one layer by practicing an airy flow with simplicity being the main theme. Marrying these two design ideas is what makes a modern farmhouse so special.

It takes a lot of patience and will power. Everything desired may not get hung or placed, but remember it is special because of both the homey, casual vibe as well as the fresh, crisp, clean-lines vibe that the homeowner wants to portray. One can even do this with furniture. A rustic old farm table can be cleaned up and modernized with sharper edges, a renewed wood finish or even different materials for legs.

The past two years through the pandemic have taught us all that our dwellings are most important. Our homes must speak to us and offer us a purpose for our family’s needs. Maybe this is why perfecting the modern farmhouse is so popular? It really is exceptional that with a modern farmhouse design approach different key pieces can be defined.

Well-rounded and renewed with a touch of the old, appreciative reasoning. Make modern farmhouse style your own, do it your way and you will be happy when you finally get there!

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