entry table with pastel Easter decorations

Hoppy Hunting! Easter Decorations & Where To Find Them.

Do you think it’s a bit too early to talk about decorating for Easter? Think again. As much as we would all like to slow time down, the seasonal holiday decorations come in early to stores and sell out even earlier. The best time to buy Easter finds for your farmhouse is right now. Well, that’s except for after Easter when most decorations are between 50-75% off!

If you’re anything like me, sorting through hundreds of options can be a bit overwhelming so I’m breaking down some of my favorite finds for you. I’ve spent a little time exploring the shops (and my family’s storage tubs) to help give you some ideas of what to look for while you’re out and about. I’m way too egg-cited to share this with you, but I’ll try to keep my Easter puns to a minimum.

Easter decoration storage basket.

First, take a deep dive into your attic, basement, garage, or wherever your store your seasonal décor and dig out your spring and Easter baskets. Put away those pines and frosted leaves and replace them with fresh, bright, or pale greens. Replace your pine cones and snowmen with eggs and bunnies. Do not start from scratch each season, but don’t be afraid to eliminate items that no longer fit your style.

Keep swaps as easy as possible when you take down your winter décor. If you had a winter wreath, replace it with a similar spring wreath. Replace your table runners, rugs, throw pillows with brighter colors. If you prefer neutrals, don’t freight we can still refresh your neutrals with more seasonal pieces!

Wicker baskets, spring pillows and other spring decorations

Once you’ve exhausted your spring supply, prioritize shopping for less holiday-specific pieces that will last all season. Things like wicker baskets, bright neutral quilts for bedrooms, and pastel or neutral colored throw pillows help brighten up your space. I recommend spending a bit more on these items than your pure holiday decorations because some of these can become staple pieces in your home through both the spring and summer. Try places like Pottery Barn, Kirkland’s, Target, or any of your favorite shops for these.

I always suggest adding in a few candlesticks and greenery pieces each year as these items are often timeless and well worth the purchase. Try hitting your local boutiques for the best quality and variety. I tend to find that box retailers lack a lot of options with these two items. I try to schedule a girl’s day with family or friends to hit a local town to peruse their boutiques!

Spring greens with a burlap bow & bunny ears

An easy way to add an egg-stra special touch to your greens is to include Easter accents such as burlap, bunny ears, or colorful eggs. If you’re on a budget, you can surely make your own! Head to your local Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or Tuesday Mornings for some pastel-colored sprigs, burlap rolls, or bunny ears to put into your pots and plants. If you’re feeling a little less crafty, you can also find premade decorations at any of those stores as well.

I am in love with this adorable bunny pot from Hobby Lobby that could easily be dressed down after the holiday. The silver tin and fresh greens make a classic piece that could work anywhere from your bathroom to your back porch. Try to find special pieces like this that match both your personality and style while fitting in your decoration budget.

pastel Easter decorations

If you love sprucing up your spring décor with pastels for Easter, head directly to At Home, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels for knick-knacks that are to dye for. From precious bunny sculptures to brightly colored wreaths, these stores have just the piece for your space. These are great items to add to your current day-to-day decorations to sprinkle cheer into your home.

Don’t let these finds drain your pocketbook, though. See if you can find these on sale and avoid expensive pieces. I can almost guarantee that you will find a similar alternative for way less! if you find one but can’t seem to locate it in-store at a cheaper price, check Amazon. They have hundreds of options to sort through and since you’re starting early they should arrive in plenty of time.

Pastel and neutral throw pillows

Another simple way to spring into the holiday spirit is with a throw pillow refresh. Stores like Target, Marshall’s, Home Goods, and At Home have affordable options that won’t break the bank. Try to find lighter pastel pillows or brighter neutrals to add to the space. Now is also the perfect time to add pops of black if you’d like!

Another option is to browse Amazon, Etsy, or Bed, Bath and Beyond for pillow covers. Most store’s websites will have a “spring” section for their throw pillows & pillow covers that will give you a nice variety of options to fit any budget. I prefer pillow covers because it’s a cheaper option and lessens how much storage space you need.

Wooden and wicker Easter Eggs.

If the pastel decorations don’t meet your egg-spectations, don’t freight, there are plenty of neutral options too! I found that TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Hobby Lobby had the best and most budget-friendly options for neutral Easter décor. I loved the look of the wooden and wicker eggs this season and would highly recommend them for those looking for a more casual holiday look.

Wicker bunny sculpture

Last but not least, don’t forget to stash up on cute bunny statues. From cement to wicker the stores are packed with charming little rabbits. Whether you’re looking for something colorful or white, tall or small, any home goods store is sure to have them all! I love when these are scattered next to the greenery in your home.

What else are you looking for this spring? If you would like to know where any of the pictured items above are from comment below! I’d love to help you find the Easter decorations you’ve been dying for.

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