Table Centerpiece Design

Table Centerpiece Design

Whether entertaining others or giving yourself a sunny boost, an eye-catching centerpiece design can bring great joy and an incredible vibe into a room with a table-top. Fresh-cut flowers are typically our go-to, but we’ve come up with a few other easy DIY centerpiece designs that are guaranteed to get the inspiration flowing like a good champagne!


Centerpiece Design – Where to Begin

Table Centerpiece Design

A centerpiece shouldn’t be taken lightly, however, designing one does not have to cost you a ton of time. Playing around with what you already have on hand is always a great rule of thumb. You’d be surprised what you may have hanging around that will help to create a simply stunning showpiece for any table.

Pretty dishes, ribbon and/or jars/vases can add a nice voice to the center of any table. We’ve found that stocking a few of the florist vases – you know, the simple ones that come when someone sends you a bouquet – can be a simple way to design a lovely table centerpiece. We’ve used our mini stock-pile of these vases for Christmas centerpieces, Easter, springtime, fall. The list goes on and on, really!

Table Centerpiece Design

For a while all I had in my collection were leftover floral arrangement vases and silly faux grass from previous Easter baskets. An occasional pretty ribbon or candle as well. I made the most of these items by tying pretty ribbons to the vases and filling the vases with pretty candles. Adding shells or pretty stones found on a beach can be an easy and pretty way to incorporate more personality and texture into the table design.

Think back to our “Bringing the Outdoors In” post and how nature serves just as much décor inside a home as it does outside the home. There are (free) elements outdoors that can be brought into the house and arranged in a way to help boost the décor.


The key to centerpiece design and collection is to keep things simple. If you have regular items on hand (like pretty stones or shells), then adding a few inexpensive fresh cut flowers from a local grocer can round out the centerpiece making it look like it was always meant to be there! We don’t overextend ourselves on our centerpieces. Not necessary!

Play around with what you’ve got and if you need a bit of inspiration, head to Pinterest or your favorite blogger to snatch up some ideas. We find that shopping around at local gardening centers or home décor shops really gets our creative juices flowing and we tend to re-think the items we have on-hand to make them work in a gorgeous centerpiece.

Decorative Centerpieces

Table Centerpiece Design

(Psst – They Won’t Break the Bank, Won’t Take Up Tons of Storage Space and Will Constantly Be In Use!)

So, our strategy always – less to store/keep – always. We don’t want to become hoarders or keepers of things that are not getting any use. What a waste of space and good energy! Those items tend to weigh us down (Marie Condo anyone?!). We’ve never gone wrong with the keeping these items available in order to have the ability to set up our table when the time comes.

Items to Keep On Hand

Glass vases from old floral arrangements. These can also be purchased at a Dollar store as well. Think before choosing – sizes, thickness, etc.

Are you a straight-lines kind of person? If so, maybe purchasing a few in the same size makes the most sense to keep symmetry afloat? If you like more of an eclectic flow, then maybe a few in different sizes and shapes?

Fillers – think candles, stones, pebbles, shells, faux grass or twilight lights (can be re-used during the Holidays also!). These items are what will make your centerpieces seem a bit different if changing out the design from season-to-season or for different Holidays. Choosing these items can be a personal thing, so make sure they are things that you love. And, again, things that can be re-used in different ways from centerpiece to centerpiece.

Pretty dishes or canisters are other great items that will allow a differentiation in the centerpiece, but also can be used in other ways when not adorning your table-top. Canisters without lids can be a great vase option as well. Maybe the countertop that particular canister typically lives on needs to be used for a buffet set up? Then move that canister to the middle of the table and think about how it can be re-used temporarily.

We hope this helps get some creative flow! We also hope that centerpiece design become an easy way to show off your personality in your home. By setting an inspiring tone, you would never believe how your day can be shaped for the better!

Table Centerpiece Design

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