Beginning My Bedroom Refresh

Are your old digs feeling a bit dreary? I’m not sure mine was dreary, but it desperately needed a refresh. For quite some time I’ve been eyeing the moodier farmhouse bedrooms with darker colors. This week I decided to go out on a limb and start the transition. I thought it best to begin with a small nook in my bedroom to ensure I liked the style in my space. Plus, let’s be honest my budget was a bit tight.

Black, white, grey and green bedroom bedding & dresser decorations.

I’ve shared a few peaks of my room before but here’s a closer look at the space. My color scheme followed a black, white, and green theme with a mix of both silver and gold accents. The black bed and dresser are perfect for the moodier look I’m aiming for but the lighter hues of green, light greys, and bright whites do not.

I still love this color combination and plan to use it in a future guest bedroom, but I am ready for a change. The goal is to lean into black, tan, and perhaps a more amber hue. I want the room to have a modern, bold feel but still feel grounded by utilizing a mixture of natural and rustic elements.

Bedroom dresser and décor with round golden mirror

I decided to use the bedside dresser in the corner of my room to test the redesign as it is appeared to be the easiest and most affordable option. The small nook previously displayed light green vases filled with beachy stems that framed the base of the gold, round mirror. Although I liked the bright, calming look it lacked the boldness I love in a home. I hit the town to search my favorite stores for accent pieces to match the new look.

Fortunately, the colors I envisioned are very in right now. The shelves at the store were filled with endless options of vases, pillows, and more. I spent the night picking out a few unique pieces I loved and raced home to test them out in the space.

wooden lamp with black and amber vase decorations

I piddled for a bit with a new arrangement on the dresser. I had been looking for a place to house my second bedside lamp, but with the current set up it just didn’t work. I tried incorporating the lamp into the new layout, but the first try came out a smidge awkward. It ended up hiding half of the elephant sculpture I love and the spacing did not create the right balance I longed for. On the other side, I kept the wooden vase and greenery stem but updated the green glasses to a large black vase and a smaller amber one. The black vase with the old flower looked stunning, but something about the wooden vase did jive with the darker look I desired.

black and amber vase, with elephant sculpture propped on book adorning a black dresser.

The second try was a bit warmer. I replaced the black flowers with the light-colored stems that previously sat in the other green vase but kept the wooden vase and greenery the same. This time I placed the amber jar in front of the wooden vase blocking more of the natural tones. I switched the sculpture, lamp, and black cup to the other side which put the white waffled elephant front and center. Once again, the arrangement still gave off a brighter look and I wasn’t pleased with the proportions. The tall yellow stems stood too tall in the shorter black vase. A bit frazzled, I went back to the drawing board.

black vase and other black accents with a light, wooden lamp on top of bedroom dresser

As we all know, the third time is the charm. This time I think I nailed it! I finally determined the wood vase along with the light-colored base of the lamp was a bit too airy. I removed the wooden vase altogether and shifted the elephant back to the side with the black and amber vase. The stark contrast of the white sculpture with the darker vases and flowers perfectly drew my gaze and the size of the pieces filled the space well to frame properly frame the mirror. On the right side, I added a black canister with a cream candle inside. This added the perfect complement to the large wooden base of the lamp. The white book beneath added a bright accent along with might bit more height to help create a more proportionate look.

black, white, and tan bedding

I went a bit overboard with the budget friendly refresh since there were so many wonderful finds on my shopping adventure. I found a beautiful black, white, and tan animal print blanket to lay at the foot of the bed. I draped the black and white geometric throw at an angle in the bottom corner to add texture, depth, and more of a layered look. I kept the two black pillows and white bedding (for now), but added in a couple more throw pillows to match the updated color scheme of the room.

Lastly, I found this adorable bohemian-style rug to throw at the base of my mirror. The textured rug helped define the space and tie together the different elements of the room. The new addition added an adorable extension to my closet which makes choosing an outfit a little more fun!

black and white bohemian rug with tall wall mirror

Overall, I love the new look! The room has a long way to go, but I am excited to start transforming my bedroom into a relaxing oasis I never want to leave. What do you think of the updated look? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to check back in to keep updated on the progress!

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