Greige board & batten wall with black and white bedding and furniture

Dos & Don’ts: How To Style Your Master Bedroom

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of your bedroom? Do the words calming or relaxing come to mind? Or do you start feeling a little anxious over how awkward that empty corner looks and wonder why there seems to be clutter everywhere? Trust me, if your bedroom stresses you out, you are not alone!

Bedrooms can be challenging to style. Why? Well, there are simply so many essential design elements that go into that space and it is also the most personal room in your home. Everything in your bedroom should reflect your personal style while also creating a relaxing vibe.


How Do I Upgrade My Bedroom

Most of the time, your bedroom has good bones, it just needs a little “flavor.” The key to dolling up your bedroom is to know what you need to do and what you shouldn’t do. I’ve got a few simple dos and don’ts to help beautify your master bedroom. This guide will help elevate any bedroom to a modern farmhouse staycation.

Don’t Get A Matching Bedroom Set

Dark blue board and batten wall with matching white bed and side tables

My pet peeve and quite literally the bane of my design existence is a matching bedroom set. My family is largely guilty of this and it’s a design mistake that many people also make. Although convenient, matching sets tend to create a lack of visual intrigue in your bedroom. I also find them to be quite clunky, which all contribute to making your room look cheap and dull.

Do Mix Materials

Black mid-century modern bedside tables next to a white leather headboard with blue bedding

Instead of matching your furniture, add visual intrigue by mixing materials! If you have a metal frame bed use wooden nightstands. Fabric bed? Use wood, stone, or metal nightstands.

The contrasting materials add a new dimension that helps make the space look more high-end. This goes for your dressers and chairs as well. Even if the material remains the same for some, attempt to use furniture with different weights, colors, and fabrics to help create a luxurious look.

Don’t Get The Wrong Size Lamps

Grey, textured lamps on top of black wooden nightstands framing a pink and grey bed

Choosing the wrong size lamp is a common design faux pas With so many options and styles, I often find people fall in love with the lamp without considering how it fits in the space. After all, a lamp is just a lamp, right? Wrong.

The wrong size lamp can really throw off the balance of the room. Too short or too skinny and the whole feng shui is off. Make sure your lamp is roughly one-third of the size of your bedside table at its widest point. In regard to height, try to find a lamp that is two to three inches taller than your nightstand. These dimensions may seem odd, but trust the process and watch your space completely transform!

Do Create Symmetry

Wooden nightstands with buffalo checked lamps on either side of a metal framed farmhouse bed in a small bedroom

Speaking of lamps, they serve an essential purpose in helping to create symmetry in your bedroom. I think at this point everyone knows that science has told us people with more symmetrical faces are what society considers more beautiful. This same concept applies to interior design and decor.

Symmetry doesn’t necessarily have to mean the same though. We just want to make sure there is a weight balance of items on each side. For instance, having two lamps evenly spaced on either side help create a symmetrical design. Then you can sprinkle in a couple of different accents surrounding the lamp, which have somewhat of an even size but not identical objects.

Do Create A Focal Point

Blue bedroom with patterned wall paper and bedding

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom. Help make it something to look at with some unique woodwork, art, or wallpaper. This is a great opportunity to display a large custom art piece or display an intriguing board and batten design.

Whatever you choose, make sure it really speaks to your personality. This is your place of rest, your own personal escape from reality. If you want something fun and exciting pick a bold print. If you want something calming, choose a soothing accent wall color.

Don’t Forget About Your Sheets

Simple small blue and white patterned bed sheets in a blue and green bedroom

Everyone loves to focus on their comforter or duvet and throw pillows while the sheets get thrown under the duvet (wink wink). Okay, enough with the jokes. Sheets can seriously help elevate your space if you use them correctly. If you find yourself purchasing the cheapest, plain sheets then you may want to rethink your bedding strategy.

Going for understated elegance? A simple patterned sheet with simple bedding can help cultivate that Studio McGee look we all love. Plus, finding ones with a higher thread count can transform a simple night’s sleep into one straight out of a 5-star hotel. If you need more tips on how to upgrade your bedding, check out my previous blog.

Do Put A Rug On It

Blue abstract rug under white and blue bedding on beautiful iron bed frame

Lastly, there is nothing I love more than a beautiful rug in a bedroom! It doesn’t matter whether you have hardwood, tile, or carpet, your master bedroom deserves a rug. Just make sure it’s the right size. If you need a little help with your rug, here are a few quick sizing guidelines for you.

  • King beds should have either an 8×10, 9×12, or 12×14 rug
  • Queen beds should have either a 6×9, 8×10, or 9×12 rug

We could have a whole blog on bedroom rugs, but the bottom line is the bigger the better. And if you want to layer on a couple of rugs? That’s what I call a true masterpiece.

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