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7 Ways To Create a Cozy Winter’s Bed

As the temperatures continue to fall at night (believe it or not, it was 14 degrees here last night!), it’s time to swap out the summer linens and cottons for winter’s flannels, down, and wool. Although I had already put our fitted flannel sheet on the bed in our master bedroom, I hadn’t changed out the linen duvet cover, and there were no extra blankets in sight. I went to bed in wool socks and a sweatshirt over my nightgown. Brrr.

But never fear. I know how to turn our cool summer’s nest into a cozy warm winter’s cocoon.

C’mon, let me show you.

Although when creating a comfortable place to sleep, you should consider practical matters like texture and warmth, don’t forget aesthetics. The way you dress your bed is just as much a reflection of your style as the way you dress your body!

Memory Foam Mattress Pad–So, I don’t have one of these, but my daughter does, and OH MY GOD, is it a game-changer. If you have a mattress that’s at all uncomfortable (and hers was like sleeping on a piece of wood), instead of spending a fortune on a new mattress, purchase a memory foam mattress pad. I recommend at least a two incher.

Sheets–This is an actual HUGE “thing” for my husband and me. He hates flannel sheets and wasn’t too excited when I snuck them onto the bed a couple of weeks ago. “They’re itchy and hot,” he complained. Unfortunately for us, I run incredibly cold, having low blood circulation. I found some half cotton/half flannel sheet sets on Etsy (where literally one side of the sheet is cotton, and the other is plaid flannel!). But I think that’s pushing it. After all, we’ve since compromised (isn’t that what marriage is all about?) and have only a fitted flannel sheet with a top cotton sheet. If I had my way, the top sheet would be flannel too. There is nothing like snuggling up under and on flannel sheets. (You can also get crazy and go for flannel pillowcases; I would and probably will. But hot and bothered hubby will stick with cool cotton.)

If flannel sheets aren’t your thing, 100 percent cotton sheets are OK, but I highly suggest adding a warm flannel duvet cover or extra blankets to the bed.

Comforter–I LOVE a good goose-down comforter and don’t know what it’s like to sleep without one. That said, I realize some people (like my son) suffer from allergies and asthma, and goose down doesn’t help. There are a lot of down alternatives on the market that fit every budget. You can get the soft, cuddly feel of the goose down without spending the night sneezing and wheezing.

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A beautiful quilt is another classic original farmhouse option, and I love the look of these. Some people, like my mom, prefer the heavier feel of a quilt, finding it much cozier than a down or down alternative comforter. I always make up our guest room bed with a warm antique quilt (just for mom).

Duvet Cover–Get creative with this. I change out my duvet covers seasonally. Summer is time for the linen, but I opt for thick cotton in the winter. Flannel? That’s up to you. I advise using either flannel sheets or a flannel duvet cover – I run cold, but I think going flannel for both is overkill.

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Extra Blankets–Choose wool or even a beautiful quilt as your end of the bed blanket. Because my daughter prefers cotton sheets, I add a thick cotton blanket under her down alternative comforter to give her that extra layer of warmth. She also has a pretty chenille blanket to pull over her if it’s an especially chilly night. Hudson Bay wool blankets look gorgeous on a bed, as do vintage quilts or something soft and fleecy.

Don’t forget pillows! We usually add a few soft cotton pillows to the bed. Weirdly, I love to be surrounded by pillows when I sleep in the winter. I guess that adds to that cozy cocoon feel I’m going for.

Cats (only for those of you that aren’t allergic to cats, although my husband is but the cat still sleeps with us)–A cat takes the winter’s bed to a whole new level! (I’m joking, but sort of not.) Our cat used to be terrified of everything and everyone when we first brought him home from the local humane society, but he’s grown quite fond of sleeping with us over the years. In the summer, it’s a rough go as he only adds more unwanted heat to the bed while we sleep with fans blowing on us all night long. But in the winter, we fight over who gets to curl up with Kiwi (the cat).

pillows on cozy bed

What are your favorite ways to create a cozy winter’s bed? Share in the comments below!

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