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6 Simple Steps To Creating A Warm & Cozy Home

Everyone wants the perfect cozy home that all of your friends and family enjoy gathering in. You want to be the home that everyone wants to come to and nobody wants to leave. That is, of course, until you actually are ready for them to leave (joking, kind of). So what can you do to give your home that warm & cozy feeling?

I’m so glad you asked because one of my favorite things to do when decorating or staging a home is to make it more comfortable and soft. It’s really not as hard as you may think and I’ve got six simple steps you can take to do so. If you finish reading this blog and want more in-depth advice on how to make specific rooms or spaces cozier, check out one of the blogs listed here. For now, let’s dive into how to warm up your space.


Taking The First Step For Creating A Cozy Home

White and black pillow and throw on a wooden box on the base of the fireplace in a cozy home

The first thing I recommend doing is re-assessing your paint colors. Whether it’s your cabinets or walls, stark white or cool-toned paints can create more of a sterile look and feel. If you’re going for warm & inviting that just won’t do. Instead, look for paint colors that have orange, yellow, or red undertones. No that doesn’t mean that your paint will look orange or dirty, it just means they won’t feel like you’re stepping into a doctor’s office.

If you want some examples of warm paint colors, here are a few of my favorite warm whites:

  • Vellum by C2
  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore
  • Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore
  • Zurich White by Sherin Willwin Williams
  • Creamy by Sherwin Williams

There are two many fun and beautiful whites and greiges that I highly recommend mixing up your normal cool tones to something with a bit more warmth to help create a more inviting atmosphere.

Switch Up Your Lighting

warmly lit lamp on console table with books and bookend

Instead of having one bright overhead light with a hodgepodge of canned lighting, opt for as much natural light as possible. Have sheer curtains that allow your natural light in and ensure that they are around your window and not over. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a ton of windows this isn’t a cheap and easy fix. Don’t worry, there’s still something you can do to give warmth to your space.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s extremely important to layer in lighting. Instead of one, bright overhead light add in some lamp or wall sconce lighting. If possible include uplighting or other forms to help create a more romantic light that isn’t so harsh on your eyes. Extra bonus points if you have a dimmer on your overhead lighting!

Include Greens & Florals

Cozy home bathroom tray with white flowers in a shaded black vase with wooden and concrete accents

A big part of making your home more cozy is incorporating more natural elements into your home. A simple and fun way to do this is by adding florals or plants into each of your spaces. Whether these are small plants and flowers in tabletop vases and pots or large trees, you need to incorporate at least one in most spaces. If you’d like some suggestions on my favorite greens, I’ve compiled a small list below:

Layer In Rugs, Pillows, & Blankets

Colorful rug in cozy bedroom with bright accents and a lot of layers

This one may seem extremely obvious, but it’s so impactful I couldn’t leave it off my list. In every room where people gather or get comfortable you’ll want to include a rug. There’s something so inviting about a soft floor space that you just can’t get with a wood or tile floor. Make sure the rug is large enough to cover the entire space and feel free to layer a couple of rugs on top of each other.

I also think this is a space to get creative. Add a blanket ladder and wicker basket with throw pillows in an empty corner. Add a couple of pillows and blankets to your fireplace or entryway bench. Wherever you can add them, go ahead and do that to help create a more inviting feel throughout your entire home.

Play With Different Textures

Blue, white, and pink layers of pillows on a cozy bed

The more textures, the better! Whether you layer in textures with different pillows and blankets or towels and wicker baskets. Incorporating layers of various textures will add visual intrigue to your space and an added level of coziness. It’s subtle, yet effective.

Blend Old With New

Rustic tin can next to new fireplace and couch

If everything in your space is new, it will look very modern and fresh but it will lack that homey feel that draws all of us to the modern farmhouse style. If you’re looking for something that makes your guests feel welcome and comfortable, try mixing in some of your more antique or rustic pieces. The good news is that this is one major key to the modern farmhouse.

If you’re struggling to mix old and new, we’ve got an entire blog helping you learn how. Check out Alexandra’s tips on combining new and old decor and furniture in your home.

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