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6 Simple Place Settings For Your Farmhouse Table.

One of my absolute favorite things about farmhouse style is the infamous farmhouse table. Farmhouse tables stand out in any space with their large frame and stunning coloring. A fundamental piece like this deserves full decorative attention! However, it can feel quite cumbersome to find the right decorations to frame such a beautiful work of art.

Styling options for such an imposing piece are practically limitless which can make even the more seasoned designers overwhelmed. This is why I’ve crafted 6 full-proof table setting options which should help ease the challenge of decorating your farmhouse table.

blue bowl on pale wood charger

Table Setting #1 – The Sophisticated Neutral

Start by finding a textured, neutral placement. I love this round, woven, creme one for multiple reasons. First, it’s simple and makes the perfect base for any setting combination. Plus, the woven material adds an element of warmth for a cozy look. Second, the round shape provides a bit more versatility for table shape and size. These can nestle neatly onto a smaller, round table or artfully accent a larger one. Either way, these round placemats are real winners!

When it came to selecting the dishes and charger, I elected to use a more neutral palette so that it would work in any space. Knowing that the palette would lack much intrigue, it was important to incorporate different shapes and textures. I love the combination of pale wood, creme fabric, and white ceramic as it emanates an aura of elegance. I recommend selecting something other than just a simple round plate since the color palette is so simple. Adding a colored fabric napkin to complement a small bowl with a pop of color provides the perfect finishing touch. If you still want a little more, add a simple glass and your finest silverware.

Tin charger with blue and white plate

Table Setting #2 – Rustic Chic

If setting number one is too fancy for you, try adding a tin charger for a bit more rustic look. The oversized charger removes the need for a placemat. As a bonus, it still keeps any food fallout from hitting your table but it’s a lot easier to clean than a placemat. With tin, blues or other cool tones provide the perfect complement. I like adding a pop of color here to bring in the chic. I also recommend adding a second, smaller plate for a bit more visual intrigue. This can be a neutral or patterned plate depending on what you’re looking for.

If you opt for a patterned plate, keep the fabric napkin simple. I selected a simple striped napkin with an adorable ruffled edge toped with clean-lined silverware. You can keep the silver or switch it up with black matte silverware for a trendy touch. The best part about this simple rustic-chic setting is that you can easily add any centerpiece in the middle of the table to make for the most stunning tablescape. One of the infamous greenery boxes from my earlier blog would be perfect here (hint hint).

Gold charger with grey and white plates topped with a small greenery stem

Table Setting #3 – Minimal Modern Elegance

Another placemat-less option, the minimal modern elegance setting screams elevated modern farmhouse. Gold is definitely trending right now, which makes this golden charger the ideal addition to your farmhouse table. Since the idea is to keep the design simple, I love mixing in some fun texture. The grey, glass plate has a fun dimpled texture giving breath to all the other clean lines. I tied the gold back in by adding a simple white salad plate with a fine gold rim.

For a nice finishing touch, top the plate off with a couple of tiny greenery stems. I pulled these two pieces off a large wreath and fiddled with them a bit until I liked how they fell on the plate. Lastly, I wanted to add an extra touch with a spunky stemmed glass. I love the idea of filling this with a napkin or flower for an added pop. This is the optimal setting for a beautiful vase centerpiece with a floral arrangement or a beautiful candlestick arrangement.

Blue toned table setting

Table Setting #4 – Pretty, Pretty Picnic

This is the most casual setup, but it’s still a showstopper. I love this option for a smaller, breakfast room table. My favorite part is the flower-shaped, rope placemat. The enchanting mat makes the design feel inviting, motivating you to get up early to watch the sunrise with your favorite cup of coffee. Put together multiple napkins or splay one out under an airy charger for an added flair that really shines through with the clear, plastic charger.

I added a smaller, glass plate with a pale blue texture to mimic the translucent nature of the charger. Then, to contrast the deep blue napkin I added a light blue bowl with a fun flower-like shape. To streamline the design, opt to keep the plates and bowls different hues of the same color. This also simplifies the process of finding “matching” colors of dishes. Include a whimsical mug for an extra touch next to any centerpiece you desire. If the table is super small, this table set will stand out all on its own!

Lifted natural wood tray charger with green and white plates.

Table Setting #5 – Organic Modern With A Bohemian Twist

I must admit, this one is my favorite! My favorite color is green and I am an absolute sucker for a green, white, and cream color scheme with natural wood accents. If you’re like me this will be your favorite too. I love using the neutral woven placemat here, not only for style but to keep the tray legs from scratching your table! I am obsessed with the elevated charger that gives your setting a little height.

Add in a textured green plate, with the same one but smaller in white for a bit of continuity. The trendy color palette and natural wood make for a a timeless, earthly combo that can work in almost any home. I added a funky, green-tinted stem glass and a couple of greenery sprigs to add a special finishing touch. I think this would mesh brilliantly with a combination of vases and candles for the centerpiece.

Blue, white, and yellow table setting with a stunning wooden charger

Table Setting #6 – Original Farmhouse

If you’re searching for the ideal farmhouse table setting, you’ve found the one. This is likely the most classic farmhouse setting and it is to die for! Start with a bold, patterned placemat. Florals are in right now, which makes this blue, white, and yellow floral pattern perfect for this spring and summer! Give back a bit of earthiness with a medium-stained wood charger. I chose blue and white plates to bring out the blue hues in the placemat. I love how the clean lines of the plates complement the bold pattern instead of competing with it.

The simple plates also make for the perfect background for the beautiful napkin and napkin ring. The gold napkin ring is sleek and pulls in the yellow from the mat. I chose a fairly simple napkin, with a bit of stitching at the bottom for that farmhouse vibe. Top it off with tinted blue glass and some beautiful gold silverware for an added flare. The larger setting will look fabulous on a bigger farmhouse table!

Green and gold table setting

Now you have 6 easy table setting options you can look back at for inspiration! If you’re interested in more table setting options or full tablescape inspiration, comment below. I hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed creating them. Just a reminder, have fun and make each one your own. The settings above should be used as rough guidelines or inspiration for your own home. Don’t feel the need to find the exact pieces, but if you are curious about where to find some of the above pieces – head to your local At Home. Everything in this post can be found there!

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