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The 2023 Home Decor Trends You Need To Know About

2022 was a wonderful year for home decor, but the 2023 home decor trends are really changing things up. Although I’m not always one to fall into trends, I do think it’s important to understand what is current in design. I also think it’s okay to switch things up every once in a while. After all, you may find that a trend becomes a personal style staple for your modern farmhouse.


What Do 2023 Home Decor Trends Look Like?

jewel toned blue accent chair in Art Deco style bedroom

I’m so glad you asked! 2023 is flipping 2022 decor on its head and introducing more. More of what you ask? More of everything! In the upcoming year, we will see more colors, more texture, more tile patterns, and more of everything.

Minimalism and neutrals are pretty much being thrown out the window. Designers are now introducing more playful arrangements and honing in on a more art deco style. If that sounds like your cup of tea & you’re interested in incorporating some of these current trends into your home, I’ve got a few ideas for you!

Start By Adding Texture

very textured throw pillow display on couch

This new year will bring a ton of fun and playful elements into home design. The core of this will be incorporating texture into every space in your home. This can be as simple as replacing your sleek throw pillows and blankets with a more textured option like boucle, or as complex as adding wainscotting to your walls.

The idea behind the added texture is to add visual intrigue and dimension to a space. Modern & minimal design has taken over interiors for the last few years, which has led to a more sleek and simplified look. The goal now is to create a visually appealing space with more impact.

Go Bold With Color

colorful bathroom vanity in half bathroom

I must admit, I’m honestly a lover of all things neutral. My mom’s home is mostly neutrals and my future home will most certainly be filled with neutrals. I do, however, have a serious love for color which is why the emersion of bold colors as a 2023 home decor trend is filling my heart with joy. The best part is that bright, jewel-tone colors are making a comeback.

As a designer and decorator, this opens up a whole new world for me. This year I will get to experiment with more out-of-the-box designs that layer patterns and colors, in fun, tasteful ways.

Speaking Of Color…

moody living room with bold colors and patterns

Jewel tones aren’t the only thing making a comeback in 2023. Apparently, moody rooms are going to be very in. This means bringing out your favorite paint, decorations, and furniture with rich colors. We’re talking full-blown, art-deco style with bold wallpapers, colorful fabrics, and mixed metals.

Thinking of painting the walls, ceiling, and trim one color? Now is a perfect time. Moody, bold rooms will definitely steal the show this year so feel free to go all out and try something new.

No More White Countertops

wood and white cabinet kitchen with black textured countertops

In 2022, we told you grey kitchens and all-white kitchens were a thing of the past. I will reiterate that I think all-white kitchens are timeless and never out of style, but this year we’re saying goodbye to light and bright kitchens. Love that white Calcutta or marble countertop? Those are no longer the main trend.

Instead, we’re replacing white countertops with dark and textured ones. In fact, there are even rumors that wood is coming back in style for countertops and that we are embracing those dated wood cabinets. I’m still going to hold off on the wood part, but I do love a dark countertop!

Soften Your Space

arched front door way with brick exterior

As I mentioned before, the last few years of interior design and decor have had a very modern focus. Most decorations and designs include sharp edges and harsh lines. As 2022 winds down, we’ve definitely seen a slow transition to a softer look. The overall design features fewer hard edges and more rounded styles.

For instance, arched doorways, abstract mirrors, the cloud sofa, and other more rounded elements have started to become more prominent in interior design. The trend for 2023 will still have some modern elements, but a majority of the focus will be on more rounded, softer shapes and styles.

Fun Tiles

geometric shaped tile floor in bathroom with bold, illusion pattern

Following suit with bolder colors and textures throughout your home, tile is also getting a facelift in 2023. We always love a classic marble or wood-grained tile or a classic ceramic backsplash but get ready to mix things up. This new year will bring fun, bold tiles with unique patterns and textures.

Also known as illusion tile, the vibrant colors and patterns will be arranged to create unique shapes and visuals. They will be used as statement features in every room and will bring quite the personality to your space. This definitely won’t be a choice for everyone, but it will push people out of their comfort zones to create some very unique and beautiful homes (if you choose to try it out). What do you think of these 2023 home decor trends?

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